If You Don’t Agree with Me You Are A Nazi! ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (3-22)


In the link below you will read a column by Valley Patriot columnist Dani Langevin.


Langevin is a left-wing teacher in the Methuen Public Schools who went on an angry rant because of our editorial last month.

That editorial called out her school system for trying to remove Valentine’s Day and replace it with “Spirit Day”.


She takes exception to our advocacy of letting kids do what they want when it comes to the way they celebrate Valentine’s Day, and how we criticized the schools for interfering with the way kids choose to socialize. Especially when they do so with a political agenda.

This idea of letting kids socialize the way they choose, must be frightening to Ms. Langevin and other left wing “educators”, because they believe it’s their political duty to indoctrinate kids with their version of “respect and humanity”.

It’s not.

To Ms. Langevin, letting kids celebrate Valentine’s Day the way they want to is exactly the same as Kyle Rittenhouse going out with a gun and shooting people. She said so in her column HERE.

Do you get it yet?

Left-wing public-school teachers will attack anyone who gets in their way. They will accuse you of ANYTHING to shut you up or try to hurt your credibility.

We wrote an editorial about Valentine’s Day, and to Ms. Langevin that makes us NAZIS, it makes us haters of special needs children, it makes us supporters of slavery.

Go ahead read her column slowly and let it sink in, we didn’t change one word.

She also seems to believe that public school educators are immune from any kind of criticism. Otherwise, you are committing “abuse” against these superheroes of humanity.

In our editorial we stated that public school teachers can barely teach their assigned subjects successfully. That is a fact. Just look at the skills today’s kids are not graduating with. Just look at the results on the whole.

Public school teachers like Ms. Langevin are more interested in teaching their political version of “respect and humility” all the while they are failing system-wide to adequately teach our kids in the subjects we pay them to teach.

After all, if we didn’t have people like Ms. Langevin to preach her version of “respect and humanity” kids might just learn it from their parents, or their grandparents. Educators like Langevin can’t have that.

Parents may have different values than the left-wing activists in our schools so, of course, she has to attack us to prevent this idea of free thought and free choice from taking hold among students and parents in the community.

In reference to our assertion that our public school “educators” are Indoctrinating kids, she states:

“This is what people use to scare parents into thinking we, as educators, have some nefarious reason to do what we do and we have some sort of superhuman power to change the thought process of your children.”

I think Ms. Langevin’s column proved our point, perfectly.

One last point that is both tragic and hilarious.

Langevin scoffed at our assertion that Valentine’s Day is about romance and that if the teachers were to teach about Valentine’s Day that’s what they should teach.

Her response: “Romance in elementary school? How would you feel if the teacher brought up the subject of romance in their elementary school classroom? I’m sure parents would not be happy. Yet, here it is being offered by an adult to children”.

So, in Ms. Langevin’s world, teaching sex to kids is ok, having “educators” take your daughter for an abortion without your knowledge or approval is ok. Giving your kid condoms is ok.

But, teaching kids that Valentine’s Day is about “romance”, that’s where she draws the line?

Your honor, the prosecution rests. ◊