IN THE CARDS With RICK DICARLO – That Old Black Magic…

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Perhaps you have heard stories of people you know that have gone for a reading and had a very convincing experience. The reader seemed to know intimate details about their lives that seem uncanny in their precision and accuracy. This is what we strive for when we decide to obtain a reading … but then something turns, the reader goes on with a litany of bad things that are happening to and around you, and then tells you the reason for this is a curse, a hex or some other form of mojo being visited upon you either by an enemy, or “the spirits”, or some other “mystical baddie” working against you! Luckily, you have come for a reading with just the person that can not only sense the dark energy, but also has the power to lift the curse, undo the hex and make everything right again in your life … for a small price! Or not such a small price! For several hundred dollars (in one version I heard, it was $1,200) that this warrior of light is going to burn, or pray over or otherwise remove from your bank account to take away the bad juju for you.

STOP RIGHT THERE! Do not pass go, and certainly do not fork over any cash to such a person. They are charlatans, with no more power to reverse the curse than the “mystical baddie” had to place it upon you in the first place. This is bunk, nonsense designed to prey upon poor unsuspecting victims who already feel that they are down on their luck, or worse, sick with some life threatening disease. (Yes, a friend of mine had this happen while undergoing chemotherapy)!

Unfortunately this does happen, and worse, many people fall for the scam. Far from changing their luck, it serves only to lighten their bank account and shake their faith in honest readers and psychics. My suggestion is to leave their studio and contact the police. Chances are if you are dealing with such a one, the police are already aware of their practice. This is a travesty; please do not let it happen to you!

A good reader will give you insight, offer option in a compassionate way and try to help you follow your dreams while avoiding possible pitfalls or detours! They may ask you some questions to help clarify their feelings and crystallize details, but this is simply to narrow the field of possibilities and offer more helpful advice. They will arm you with awareness so that you may make your own informed decisions, and then present you with the possible outcomes. They may suggest “homework”, certain books to read, or practices that can help you to attain your goals, they may even suggest you see a professional (doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc.) but they will not try to make your decisions for you, or take away your own power of choice.
And now for this month’s e-mail: from Loving in Lawrence. She writes: I am dating 2 men, who are both aware of the other’s place in my life, but I’m feeling that the time has come to choose one of them to work on a real relationship. Whom should I choose?
Well Loving, in a situation like this where there is a choice to be made, what I would do is prepare 2 layouts. One for each of the suitors.

For suitor A we have the following cards:
32 The Moon – 29 The Woman – 17 The Stork
And for suitor B we drew:
15 The Bear – 13 The Child – 14 The Fox

From these spreads I would say that: You feel more emotionally connected to suitor A. He is possibly fair skinned, light hair and eyed and may be well known or have a good reputation in the community. The woman card represents YOU, and it would seem that you have known this man for quite some time. You both may be romantic and bring out the best in each other, and also share a love for good food and good laughs! The Stork tells us that there is positive change coming, possibly a change in living situation. Perhaps you will be moving in together in the future.

Suitor B may be a larger man, dark haired and eyed and built like a football player. He can be a cuddly man, but also has a bit of a jealous streak, and may have shared some displeasure that you are seeing another man at the same time. He is more of a homebody, and prefers quiet nights to partying with a crowd. The Child says that he may be a bit childish in some ways, or child-like, which is not necessarily a bad thing, however, The Fox tells me that something is not quite what it seems. I wonder if you feel that he is not entirely trustworthy? The child may also show that he is a newer relationship for you, where I feel you have more history with suitor A.It would seem that suitor A is your man, but you probably already know that deep down inside. You have a strong intuition and should follow your feelings, in this case, they will not lead you astray!

Best of luck to you all… be happy!

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Richard DiCarlo has studied Astrology for over a quarter of a century. During this time he has lectured, taught and counseled hundreds in his private Astrology and card reading practice. He has appeared on WLLH radio’s Ramona’s New Age Program with renowned psychic Ramona Garcia. He also had the privilege of working and studying with Linda Goodman, best-selling author of Sun Signs, Love Signs and Star Signs. During that time he helped her to produce her short-lived Star Notes project, which was a subscription-based newsletter to her fans around the globe.