Indepenence Day

By Tom Weaver – July 2013

July 4th – the day that the colonies declared Independence; not only from Mother England, but from all the countries in the world. The colonies were comprised of many nationalities, religions, cultures and even races. It was a collection of immigrants that came to live the greatest experiment in history; an experiment based on three ideals – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In the quest to achieve those ideals, they fought for independence and they became Americans; a new nationality and a new race. They won Independence; they set up a government to protect the rights of Americans. They specifically rejected the idea that government should provide handouts. They relied on Equality under the Law, not equality in outcome.

The United States became the most exceptional nation in the history of man. No other country has allowed so many to shed blood for the freedom and protection of others in far away continents. No other country has a population that has been more generous to other nations in time of need. No other country has provided the protection of rights which has allowed the greatest inventions to be created and developed by those living in this country. No other country has the high standard of living that exists in America; which is based on the efforts of the individual, not the interference of government.

And yet, we have many that fail to realize the greatness of this nation. They may use the phase life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but they have twisted the meaning. To them, it invokes government greatness, not the greatness of the people. We have elected representatives in both Houses that fail to realize that greatness is achieved by pursuing the founding ideals, not the dictates of government. We have a President who believes in the greatness of other governments, not in a representative republic which protects the rights of all citizens. Judges use a living dictionary to rule in favor of failed utopian ideas, ignoring the Rule of Law and individual responsibility. And we have a greater number of citizens that care more about distinctions, than being Americans of equal rights.

Now we are faced with a Comprehensive Immigration Plan. Passage of this bill could completely destroy this nation. It is a poison pill meant to fundamentally change the United States. Why? The bill fails to support the tenets that made this nation great: it offers assistance versus promoting self-reliance. The bill bypasses the established Rule of Law which so many immigrants have followed to become citizens, instead offering a path to citizenship for gang members, criminals and those that entered the nation illegally. The bill fails to enforce existing work laws, allowing large corporations to continue to enslave immigrant workers. The bill fails to recognize that most illegal immigrants do not want citizenship; they simply want to earn money to send home, or get some medical care, or get some government assistance. And the bill fails to fix the false interpretation of the 14th Amendment which “grants citizenship based solely on being born in the United States”.

This bill is bad. When illegal immigrants arrive in this nation and obtain a slave-wage job or get some assistance, they believe they have achieved the American Dream. Based on where they came from, even the slums of America offer more conveniences than the neighborhoods of their native land. Is it no wonder that those in Washington expect their vote in return for this false American Dream?

Allowing its passage is committing international suicide. The silent majority needs to wake up and let their voices be heard in the halls of Washington. We need a good immigration policy, one that promotes the ideals of this immigrant nation. We deserve an immigration policy that expects immigrants to embrace self-reliance, the rule of law, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and limited government. We deserve a policy that seeks those that want to make a better life for themselves, their families and this nation. We need a policy promotes the greatness of this nation, from a selfish point of view, as we must remain the greatest nation in the world — or freedom and liberty will forever be lost, in this nation and throughout the world. The people of the world depend on the United States for the hope of freedom.