Ironworkers PAC Pays $20,000 for Campaign Finance Violations


The Ironworkers Union Local 7 PAC has made a $20,000 payment to the state’s general fund to resolve several campaign finance violations, including the failure to disclose more than $124,000 in contributions from 2011 to 2013, according to a disposition agreement between OCPF and the PAC.

OCPF’s review also determined that the PAC did not disclose approximately $80,000 in expenditures and inadvertently reported approximately $4,910 in receipts that were actually expenditures. The PAC also incorrectly reported two separate expenditures totaling approximately $44,750 due to typographical errors.

Further exacerbating its balance discrepancies, the PAC disclosed $4,350 in contributions to candidates that were never cashed by the candidate committees. However, the PAC subsequently failed to amend its reports to reflect the uncashed checks.

Prior to entering into the agreement with OCPF, the PAC amended its reports to disclose as accurately as possible all activity from 2011 to 2013, and the committee’s officers have attended OCPF training. PAC officers will also attend an additional educational seminar within 24 months of this agreement to reinforce their knowledge.

In addition to regular campaign finance reports filed electronically, the PAC has agreed to file additional reports and records with OCPF until July, 2016.

The agreement was signed by OCPF Director Michael J. Sullivan and William Hurley, the PAC treasurer, and is available by clicking here.

OCPF is an independent state agency that administers Massachusetts General Law Chapter 55, the campaign finance law. Established in 1973, OCPF is the depository for disclosure reports filed by candidates and committees.