It’s Not About Black And White—iIt’s About Red, White & Blue

By: Christine Morabito – August, 2010

I normally recommend that the Tea Party ignore the ridiculous charges of racism leveled by our opponents. However, while watching the Sunday talk shows, it occurred to me that we may be the only ones ignoring them.

The hullabaloo comes on the heels of the NAACP’s resolution to deem the Tea Party “racist.” Here we have a left-wing political organization–which maintains its relevancy by perpetually dividing people by race and promoting class warfare–accusing patriotic, freedom-loving Americans of being racist.

The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not to provide equal things. This notion, along with a strong belief in free speech, free markets, individual liberty and personal responsibility form the backbone of the Tea Party movement. What does any of this have to do with racism? In America, calling someone a racist is a serious charge. Apparently, it’s also a charge for which you need no evidence.

Liberals have done a horrendous job of elevating the status of minorities and have in effect institutionalized racism. In the name of compassion, they have enslaved minorities with dead-end entitlement programs that pay people not to work. Conservatives, by encouraging individual freedom and personal responsibility, promote the dignity of work and inspire people to reach their full potential. That’s a concept that unites everybody, regardless of race. Contrast that with the liberal dogma that convinces people of their victimhood and that the government should provide for them. These unsuspecting “victims” sell their votes and their souls for everlasting dependency. I ask you, which is more compassionate?

The concerted effort to destroy the Tea Party has played out for well over a year now. This latest act of transparent desperation is evidence that the Tea Party is having a powerful effect on politics. This grass-roots phenomenon has become kryptonite to the radical left-wing. Not long ago they were attempting to portray us as violent. But that would have actually required some evidence. They were practically tripping over themselves to catch us in some violent act, which of course never happened. As if following Saul Alinsky’s playbook, the next logical step was to play the race card. This, of course, requires no evidence because it presumes to know what people are “thinking.” After all, how do you prove you’re NOT a racist?

While we were embroiled in the health care debate, two black congressmen, one of them a legendary civil rights leader, claimed they were spat upon and called the “N-word” while they intentionally walked through a crowd of Tea Party protesters. Dozens of videos surfaced, but upon close inspection the claims were unsubstantiated. Journalist Andrew Breitbart offered $100.000 to anyone who could provide evidence that these racial slurs and bodily fluids had been hurled. Despite enormous incentive to do so, no one has come forward, yet Democrats continue to cite this alleged attack as evidence of racism. In his book, “That’s No Angry Mob, That’s My Mom,” Michael Graham says: “In the upside down world of the Obama Nation, people who spend a lifetime following Reverend Wright aren’t racist. But the people who show up at a rally to oppose single-payer health care are.”

Another example of alleged racism stems from the fact that only a small percentage of Tea Party activists are minorities. Does not the word “minority” imply that there will be fewer of them? A recent Gallup Poll shows that the numbers are not far off from the country as a whole. Blacks constitute about 11% of the U.S. population and approximately 6% of the Tea Party. Also, consider this: If you think the left is hard on white Tea Partiers–it’s even harder on blacks. Black Conservatives are excoriated, mostly by black Democrats who call them “Oreos,” “traitors” and “Uncle Toms” for having the audacity to oppose the policies of a black president.

I strongly disagree with Eric Holder’s decision not to investigate the New Black Panther Party, who menacingly stood outside a Philadelphia polling place dressed in paramilitary gear, intimidating white voters lest they not vote for Obama. Voter intimidation is illegal, yet no charges will be filed against these men, one of whom has spoken of his desire to kill “cracker babies” and “cracker police.” I believe racism should be condemned wherever it occurs. Doesn’t this double standard further the race divide? According to Glenn Beck, “If you don’t believe all men are created equal, then you will treat certain people differently.”

I hear opponents say that Tea Party leaders should denounce their racist members. I can assure you we have no problem approaching individuals who display offensive signs. We have done so ad nauseum with Lyndon LaRouche supporters carrying “Obama as Hitler” signs. They know their provocative signs will be the ones photographed, not the middle-aged grandmother clutching her pocket Constitution. But racist signs? I must say, I’ve never seen one at any of our rallies. Short of reading peoples’ minds, I have no idea whether or not they harbor racist views–and frankly–neither does the NAACP.

I applaud Morgan Freeman for his recent statements on “60 Minutes.” Freeman said he doesn’t want a “Black History Month” because “black history is American history.” He said the best way to get beyond race is to, “stop talking about it.” I couldn’t agree more.

Now, if you’re tired of watching your freedom flash before your eyes, please join us at our upcoming events.

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