It’s the End of the World as we Know it!



By: Dani Langevin – November, 2011

We can only hope that this is true. I believe that it is. I also believe that the Mayans are right the end of the world is near, maybe as near as December 21, 2012. I do not believe that the end of the world as we know it is fire and brimstone. I believe it is a shift in how we conduct ourselves as its inhabitants. I believe it is an awakening and a transformation of mankind to move away from selfishness and greed and self-satisfaction.

This is what the Mayans predicted, not the surging of oceans, erupting of volcanoes or destruction of the holy lands, but a new mentality that moves away from gluttonous consumer materialism toward, “the beauty of our interconnectedness,” as stated on where I found an article about the real meaning of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

There is surmounting evidence that we, as a human race, are moving toward a new cycle and its effects reach back for generations. In the last century we have seen women gain the right to vote, the civil rights movement give equal opportunity to African Americans, Hispanics, homosexuals and other minority groups. Women are no longer only subjected to being wives, mothers, teachers, nurses or spinsters. We can become anything we damn well please and don’t need a man to tell us that we are worthwhile.

Gay marriage is legal in six states. Don’t ask don’t tell has been repealed and, contrary to popular belief, it hasn’t sucked the life or dignity out of serving in the military. We have anti-bullying laws, sexual harassment laws, child protection laws, and laws to protect the rights of the handicapped.

Other evidence is the surmounting fight against evil and corporate corruption from the ‘little guy’. Rebel forces supported by organized military operations have brought down three violent terrorists: Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and most recently Moammar Gadaffi. We have average citizens protesting corporate greed in Occupy Boston, Occupy New York and Occupy Washington. What we are seeing is a shift. The world has been dumped upon for far too long by the few and the many are damn tired of it. What is happening in the world today is exactly what brought down the Roman Empire after one thousand years of rule: government corruption, corporate greed, constant threat from terrorists, and moral decay.

Little by little, step-by-step, decade-by-decade we are seeing more and more people band together and demand a change. The Mayans didn’t predict the destruction of the world, they predicted the death of the afore-mentioned and a rebirth of mankind. At least that’s what I got from Tony our toothless tour guide when we visited Chichen Itza in 2009 and from my research of the cycle of the Mayan calendar.

In my research what I discovered is that the Mayans were saying, “As we perceive the 2012 completion date as a reminder to us from the Ancients that right here and now we are living in precious times, we can realize how critical it is that we align together in respect for life, becoming more and more conscious of how our intentions and actions affect the Whole.”

After 9/11 more and more young people entered into fields like social work, psychology, teaching, and environmental science. Volunteerism spiked, as did those donating to charity. I know since then I have joined more committees at work to try and better the lives of the teachers I work along side and the students that sit in front of me every day. Although I struggle sometimes to pay the bills in these trying times I donate what money I can and to as many charities as my wallet will allow and I believe many of my peers do the same.

This is a new world not a dying world. We need to stop saying I, me, mine, and say us, we, ours. As a human race it is time we band together and take control of our lives, our environment, our world and our future. “We can shake off the wounded victim mentality, and arise as Medicine Warriors, here to do the necessary work to help lay the ground for a New Era to root, conscious of our obligations to future generations.” Just like we have only one heart, we only have one world. It is being run down and abused. What are you going to do to rebuild and make it a better place for us all?