Jihad of the Cultural Left


By: Paul Murano – November, 2012

When people over here decry religious wars in the middle east as being backward they unwittingly display hypocrisy. There has been an ongoing religious war on our soil for decades ironically perpetrated by secular humanism or the cultural left, which Dennis Prager calls the fastest growing religion in America. Most Americans are members without realizing it.

This month’s election confirmed what has been apparent for quite a while, that secular humanism in its faith claims and practices has all the trappings of a religion. It’s pastor is now Barak Obama who preaches hope and change, not through spiritual transformation on route to eternal life but by government intervention creating “fairness” to minorities and women.

It seeks liberation, not from sin but from responsibility; not from the devil but from the white man. Its faith life is expressed through the manipulation of politically correct language, and it’s moral code is one that is meant to please the desires of their god, the Self. It’s sacraments include the various forms of sexual deviancy, centered around their main sacrament of (un)holy communion with the birth control pill. Their central sacrifice is not one human being on a cross but 4200 preborn human beings per day in abortion clinics, offered to the god of self. The aim of their sacraments is not to give life in order to heal and elevate, but to impede life or destroy it in a culture of death.

Pastor Obama, now re-elected to a second term, preaches hope and change, not in God and resurrection but in earthly utopia through governmental intervention. He preaches not commitment to marriage and family but to contraception and abortion in order to avoid the responsibility of marriage and family. He preaches to the god of self that life is not a gift but a choice, and that we get to redefine life and love since in this religion we are our own gods. Anyone who refuses baptism into the church of secular humanism through the media and academia is treated with disdain. It is now America’s most popular religion and it is openly and brazenly at war with Christianity. Why? Because its number one enemy is truth.

I was again reminded of this holy war as I woke up this morning, the morning after the election, to a personal e-mail in my facebook inbox from a complete stranger who happens to be a facebook friend of a friend familiar with my writing. Here is his note verbatim. I kept his last name anonymous to protect his reputation:

“I guess you guys just didn’t pray hard enough? Heed these words. The train has left the station on gay marriage, marijuana reform, and abortion. Standing in front of a moving train can be dangerous and what was started by love can NEVER be stopped by hate and fear. Have a nice day you antediluvian anti-progress ostrich.

Sincerely, James”

And my response to him:

“James, you’re a bit late. The train you speak of left its station four decades ago. The darkening of the culture has been well underway. These trains come and go throughout history. It’s never been about popularity or feeling safe — those are irrelevant. It’s about being faithful to the truth regardless of the onslaught.

I’m ambivalent about marijuana, but prenatal homicide and same-sex sodomy called “marriage” will probably become more and more popular as society becomes more and more blind to its addiction, until it crumbles. It’s happened before in history and it will happen again. The important question for individuals relates to character: Do we blindly go with the flow or do we remain firm regardless of consequences? This is, and always has been, the primary question that defines the person.

As for your prayer comment, since it’s blasphemous in nature I will assume you’re not open to the theological truth that prayer is not meant to force God’s hand on anything, but rather to remain in union with Him.”

In his note we can see four of this religion’s most common dogmas, two of faith and two of morals:

Faith doctrines: 1) truth is measured by popular opinion, and 2) goodness is measured by the time one lives in.

Moral doctrines: 1) attacking with personal insults is the best way to avoid issues at hand, and 2) to justify one’s own hate it must be projected onto someone else.

Finally, a proper interpretation of his note sums up the ultimate aim of this religion – to dethrone the God of the universe and replace Him with the god of self. Yes, the religion of the cultural left has won yet another battle by this election, but their jihad can never be successful in winning a holy war against God and the natural law inherent in human nature, no matter how clever and powerful they think their gods of self might be.