Lantigua Weighs in on D’Agostino in Methuen, Tries to Sink His Chances for Solicitor Job

William Lantigua
William Lantigua

By: Tom Duggan – March 29, 2013

Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua has written a scathing letter to members of the Methuen City Councilor in an effort to sink Attorney Richard D’Agostino’s chances to become the next Methuen City Solicitor. 

D’Agostino was fired by Lantigua the day he returned to work after being out on medical leave. D’Agostino says that he was fired for not “going along with the cabal” and standing up to a corrupt Lantigua, whom he says routinely tried to get him to do things that were improper. 

The Department of Industrial Accidents ruled that D’Agostino was indeed injured at work and ordered Lantigua to pay him all the money he was due. 

But Lantigua’s letter to the Methuen City Council states that D’Agostino was not fired, but that he refused to return to work or inform the city that he would be returning to work. 

“Contrary to his assertions, Attorney Richard D’Agostino was never fired by the City,” Lantigua’s letter to the Methuen City Council states. “Instead, D’Agostino settled his claims with Lawrence, and both parties went their separate ways. Attorney D’Agostino has, however, inconsistent with the facts, publicly misrepresented that he was fired by Lawrence on April 25, 2012, the very same date that his lump sum settlement agreement was approved and he was paid.”

Mayor Lantigua with City Attorney Charlie Boddy (l) and Richard D'Agostino (right)

D’Agositno says that the Lantigua letter is a “lie” and he is not surprised that Lantigua is now actively trying to stop him from being hired in Methuen. 

“It’ unbelievable. He fired me in Lawrence now he is trying to stop me from getting hired in Methuen. He has no credibility. This guy hasn’t been able to tell the truth since he became mayor,” D’Agostino told the Valley Patriot in an exclusive interview in response to the mayor’s letter.

“I will do my talking in court. I am not going to answer every bogus statement in that letter but there will come a time when I will. I will say this, he says he is coming clean now about me? There are three criminal investigations against this guy, I think they would appreciate him coming clean about his actions in Lawrence City Hall.” 

“I will say that it is illegal to tie a worker’s compensation settlement to a termination or use it to negotiate someone not coming back to work. So, even if Mayor Lantigua was telling the truth in this letter, which he isn’t, that action would be highly illegal and actionable,” D’Agostino concluded. 

Richard D'AgostinoIn his letter to the Methuen City Council, Lantigua goes on to address D’Agostino’s claim that Lantigua is “corrupt”.

“Contrary to his statements, there is no evidence whatsoever that he was fired. Out of decorum, I shall not address his other claims that he “was fired by a corrupt mayor” or “spoke truth to the devil”, or “took a stand against corruption” or “Worked under a reign of terror.” I shall suffice it to say that these assertions are as meritless as his claim of being fired. Attorney D’Agostino has not elaborated beyond these catch phrases and sound bites because they simply have no basis in fact. Moreover, contrary to his statements, Attorney D’Agostino was never barred from consulting with me.” 

Lantigua says he will be following up with by filing a formal public records request for all documents pertaining to his seeking employment in Methuen “because Attorney D’Agostino chose to extend his inaccuracies and misrepresentations.”

LANTIGUA’S FULL LETTER>>> D’Agostino3.29.13


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