Lawrence City Councilor Says Mayor Lantigua Trying to Remove Term Limits


Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua
Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua

LAWRENCE, MA: Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua is seeking to remove the mayoral term limit restriction within that city’s charter. Lawrence currently prohibits individuals from serving more than two four-year terms for mayor. The proposal currently is on the City Council agenda.

City Councilor Marc Laplante is concerned that should Lantigua be re-elected, that the 2014 City Council will be asked to change the City Charter to allow the mayor to serve without restriction.

“I have been told by my city council colleagues that Lantigua has personally asked them to support removing term limits,” said Laplante. “If Lantigua wins re-election, he will likely sweep in a City Council that will support this agenda. The prospect of Lantigua serving another term, never mind three or more terms, should send a chill to any concerned citizen.”

The Lawrence term limits restriction resembles the term limits found for other executive branch positions such as the U.S. Presidency and Massachusetts governor.

“I was never a big proponent of term limits,” said Laplante. “But after witnessing the Lantigua train wreck for the last four years, my fear is that a victorious November election for Mayor Lantigua will grease the skids for an imperial municipal executive that will further divide our city and make city successes that more elusive.”

Laplante has represented District F in Lawrence since 2010