UPDATED… Hearing Cancelled: Lawrence Officer Arrested, Released Days Before Disciplinary Hearing

Lawrence Police Officer William Green
Lawrence Police Officer William Green


By: Tom Duggan,

UPDATED June 24, 214 |12PM

UPDATE…. The Hearing for Lawrence Police Officer William Green was cancelled today. Green and his union representative met privately with mayor Rivera at noon this afternoon. Green told the Valley Patriot after the meeting that the Mayor offered to fully reinstate him if he signed a confidentiality agreement whereby he would not make any more public statements about his case or his issues with the department. 

Officer Green says he refused and was told by a city attorney that the city would be moving forward to fire him. He did not specify what the charges against him are. 

BREAKING…  June 23, 2014 – 9PM

Lawrence Police Officer William Green was arrested Friday night by Lawrence Police and briefly detained but eventually let go. 

Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick issued a press release late Monday afternoon.

Lawrence Police Chief Fitzpatrick
Lawrence Police Chief Fitzpatrick

“On Friday June 20, 2014 a Lawrence Police Officer was arrested and briefly detained. The arrest was made in good faith based upon probable cause. The nature of the allegations posed an immediate threat to the public and the Lawrence Police Department. As the investigation continued, based upon electronic evidence, the source of the threats was located and subsequently arrested. The suspect faces charges of criminal harassment and threats to commit a crime and being held on a $5000.00 cash bail. The Lawrence Police Officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing and we apologize to him and his family.”

Green is scheduled for a disciplinary hearing at Lawrence City Hall on Tuesday, June 24th at 1pm. It is not known if this hearing will be open to the public. 

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