Love Loses ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with Paul Murano

By: Paul MuranoJuly, 2015

The Supreme Court ruling on “same-sex marriage” was met with proclamations of “Love wins” throughout social media. Yet, did love really win? On the contrary, love lost, and it lost in a big way. This month 239 years ago, this nation declared its independence from England, and won. In recent decades we have declared our independence from both God and human nature, and lost.

Today human nature is not only ignored, but denied – often under the guise of modern misconceptions of love and liberty. Love has turned into the “right” to take “liberty” in dominating human nature for personal pleasure. Ironically, those who fight fiercely for the “right” to dominate human nature fight just as hard against the “right” to dominate earth’s nature. True to form, those who understand the importance of respecting earth’s natural ecology have no problem with the polluting of women’s body ecology with chemicals, hormones, and devices. Domination of ourselves and of the environment shows a lust for power, ultimately over God. Man’s consent has become the final word.

When the history books are written as this stubborn adolescent era of rebellion comes to a close, it will be noted that the downfall of the United States of America is symbolized in three Supreme Court rulings: Griswold v. Connecticut, Roe v. Wade, and Obergefell v. Hodges. In order, these officially sanction the rejection of love, life, and the family. It will be noted that no nation, no matter how great, can survive a fatal attack on its foundation.

‘Griswold’ first established a “right” to privacy to hide from God (Gn 3:8) and to deny the total gift of self between man and woman (Gn 3:7). Inevitably following this, ‘Roe’ established a “right” to kill the fruit of that union that contraception did not thwart, innocent pre-born human beings. Lastly, the “right” to manipulate and abuse human nature for selfish pleasure in another form was codified this month in ‘Obergefell’. The trifecta is complete: God is rejected, human nature is disregarded, and love loses.

There are many philosophies of man in the modern era that have contributed to the unsound premises of these rulings. Radical individualism and anthropological dualism top the list. Nevertheless, the dominating ideology ultimately stems from a rejection of human nature and nature’s God, which means separation from Truth and Love Himself (1 Jn 4:8). This gradually causes a Babel-like confusion through politically correct concepts (Gn 11:7) transmitted through the culture molding establishments of the media and academia.

The only power in this world that stands in the way of an abusive false liberty masquerading as love is the Catholic Church; the cultural left knows it, and that is why they put out every effort to destroy her. As a response to these three moral questions the Supreme Court tackled, the Church promulgated in a timely way three papal encyclicals (official letters from the pope). Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) was written three years after ‘Griswold’, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) was penned in the aftermath of ‘Roe’, and Familiaris Consortio (The Family in the Modern World) was promulgated in anticipation of ‘Obergefell’. Although they garnered little secular press, these three documents stand as the only real dams keeping the floodgates of lies and death from completely permeating the contemporary world.

Humanae Vitae, whose 47th anniversary is this month, clarifies simply but profoundly the reasons why attempting to separate union from procreation (i.e. love from life), shuts out both. (HERE). Evangelium Vitae reminds us of the sacred invaluable gift that human life is from conception to natural death, transcending any political category of liberal or conservative by pointing out the equal dignity of all human beings, and the need to protect the most vulnerable. (HERE). Familiaris Consortio elucidates the meaning of family as a communion of persons, reflecting God Himself who is an eternal Trinity of Persons. Persons are made for relationship, and the love that proceeds from the father and the mother is the child, concretely reflecting the nature of God Who Is Trinitarian Love. (HERE).

This trio of judicial rulings symbolizing the lie that pollution and domination of our nature can be considered love, is now complete. It is now up to individual men and women of good will to stand against this cultural deception and defend love. Love does not dominate for selfish gain, but respects the nature of the other in their maleness or femaleness, ordered to mutual self donation of life-giving love. On the contrary, it is power, lust and domination, unleashed in original sin, that stifles love and kills life. If we surrender and capitulate now to the established lie that people should act upon their disordered desires for selfish gain, two things are certain: Love loses, and we lose.