Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Betraying Our Most Precious Legacy


September, 2009

It took centuries of economic and political experimentation coupled with tremendous intellectual effort for human beings to discover the concept of individual liberty. It took the blood of millions to establish a beachhead for freedom and to protect it so it could grow and prosper.

Now that precious legacy is being squandered by the representatives of the very state that gave birth to the American experiment. In John Tierney’s case, after cowering under his desk afraid to meet with his own constituents.

Will our representatives be ashamed when they vote to deprive us of the right to make our own health care decisions, or when they deny workers the right to vote in a secret ballot, or when they impose government’s will through cap and trade?

Don’t they understand the importance of being able to live our lives without the steel boot of government on our necks?

Don’t do this. Can’t do that. Record this. Fill out that. Pay this.

Can’t buy that. Do it now. Pay a fine. Here’s a penalty. … Don’t … Can’t … Must.

But whatever you do, don’t make your own decisions, and don’t stand erect and proud. You are now a ward of the government. We know what you want, but more important, we know what you’ll get.

Now shut up and be happy.

2010 can’t come soon enough.

Most of the citizens of Massachusetts no longer value their freedoms or their independence. They have elected representatives like Tierney who will gladly trade all our liberties for a few handouts. The risks and challenges of life are too much for them. They prefer a guaranteed existence even if the price is chains.

The public schools have left them ignorant of history and economics. They are ripe for slavery and the leftist political class. 

We’d like to congratulate Congressman Niki Tsongas for holding town meetings and facing her constituents, treating them with respect and facing the tough questions on health care and at least listening to the voters who disagree with her.

We also want to thank Congressman Tierney for showing his true colors when it comes to “representative democracy” when he resisted the urge to hold a town hall meeting with constituents this past month.

We’re sure Tierney would have liked to hurl some choice insults at the few remaining true  Americans that wanted to meet with him and share their concerns regarding his complicity in the destruction of our liberties — liberties that first took root in Massachusetts’ soil. But we’ll never know because, unlike his colleague Niki Tsongas he didn’t have the courage to face the voters and answer the tough questions.