Med-flight Helicopter Shot at Taking off From Lawrence After 6 People Stabbed in Brawl

A Boston Med-flight helicopter landing on the Helipad at Lawrence General Hospital on Marston and General St. in Lawrence. The chopper was shot at late Saturday night after six  people were stabbed in a brawl on Boxford St. PHOTO: Tom Duggan, (c) 2017, The Valley Patriot

By: Tom Duggan – May 28, 2017|1AM

Glass on the ground on the corner of Boxford and Gardner Sts. in Lawrence where a man was stabbed twice in the face.  (c) The Valley Patriot
Glass on the ground on the corner of Boxford and Garfield Sts. in Lawrence where a man was stabbed twice in the face. (c) The Valley Patriot

A Boston med-flight helicopter was shot at late Saturday night as they were taking off from the helipad of Lawrence General Hospital on General and Marston Sts. 


Earlier in the evening Lawrence Police were called to the corner of Boxford and Garfield St. where six people had been stabbed in a brawl that spilled onto the street.

One man had been stabbed in the face twice.

The person whom police suspect stabbed him received a stab wound to his forearm. One victim nearly died and is in critical condition after being stabbed in the heart. Witnesses say that the man was the one who tried to break up the fight. 

Shortly after the Boxford St. stabbing, Lawrence General Hospital received the stabbing suspect from Lawrence Police.

Multiple Valley Patriot sources confirm that the family/friends of the man who was stabbed in the face appeared at the hospital looking for retaliation.

Those subjects thought the med-flight helicopter that was about to take off contained a man involved in the stabbing, and shot at the helicopter four or five times. The helicopter was not hit and nobody was injured. 

The med-flight helicopter did not contain either of the men involved in the stabbing on Boxford St. but an elderly woman in critical condition. 

Witnesses say that the helicopter was shot at from Marston St. and the suspects drove off towards Route 495.  

Boston Medflight released a statement Sunday saying:

Important information to correct erroneous media reports.

‪PLEASE NOTE: Shots were NOT fired at our helicopter last night. Gunshots were heard in the proximity of Lawrence General Hospital helipad. Those shots were NOT directed at aircraft. ‬
Our aircraft departed from the helipad and transported the patient to Boston without incident. Upon landing the pilot was notified to inspect aircraft and no damage was located.

Medflight did not explain how they might know where the bullets were “directed” or not directed, or that the bullets were NOT fired at the aircraft since they did not see the shooter. They also did not explain why the aircraft needed to be inspected if they did not believe they were in the path of a bullet.