Methuen Councilor Pens Letter of Endorsement for Sheriff Candidate Jerry Robito against Frank Cousins

Methuen City Councilor Sean Fountain has submitted a letter to the editor asking for your support of his candidate for Essex County Sheriff Jerry Robito. Fountain is a member of the North Andover Fire Department and has a political reputation as being strong on public safety. The Sheriff’s race is not 

Here’s Fountain’s Letter. 

Hero North Andover Firefighter and Methuen City Councilor Sean Fountain with the Firefighter of the Year Award presented last month by the Lawrence Exchange Club

It may seem to some that it is too early to be thinking about the next election for the office of Essex County Sheriff, but as a public official that interacts with this important agency I have been giving it some serious thought. I have always believed that to make that office the best it can be we need a true law enforcement professional as Sheriff. I believe that law enforcement professional should be Jerry Robito, who has a wealth of law enforcement experience.

Jerry Robito has spent a lifetime as a dedicated law enforcement professional, working as a corrections officer, rising to the position of Deputy Superintendent of inmate Housing in a thirty four year career in the Essex County Sheriff’s office. He has worked as a police officer, a behavioral aid teacher in the Lawrence Public Schools, and with our youth as a instructor of karate.

ROBITOIt is not only the law enforcement experience that matters, but his blend of life experience that would make Jerry Robito an outstanding Sheriff. With local law enforcement resources at a premium the Essex County Sheriff’s office can and should be a substantive partner to localities across a broad spectrum of issues.

In order to make the Sheriff’s office an effective partner to our cities and towns we need a Sheriff, who can, from day one, run a professional and accountable office responsive to the needs of the people of Essex County.

For a change in direction we need to install a true law enforcement professional, and not a politician, as Sheriff of Essex County. I believe that law enforcement professional should be Jerry Robito, and I urge him to declare his candidacy.



Sean Fountain

West District Councilor

City of Methuen,MA