Mrs. Kennedy and the Politics of Anti-Catholic “Catholicism” – MORALITY MATTERS with Paul Murano

By: Paul Murano – April, 2012

Victoria Reggie Kennedy, wife of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, was slated to be the 2012 commencement speaker at Anna Maria College in Paxton, a Catholic college in the Diocese of Worcester. Her invitation was rescinded by the college last week when the bishop got wind of it.

In a press release Mrs. Reggie Kennedy responded: “By objecting to my appearance at Anna Maria College he (Bishop McNamara) has made a judgment about my worthiness as a Catholic. This is a sad day for me and an even sadder one for the Church I love.”

Nothing can be further from the truth than her last sentence. With all respect, it is a very happy day for the Church when a bishop displays the courage and gumption to stand up for his Church and protect her against the heresy that has been eating away at her potency for the past forty years. What is sad here is how clueless Mrs. Kennedy seems to be that the anti-Catholic “Catholicism” she apparently adheres to, common within the political world for the past three decades and made possible only by accepting blatant contradictions, is the number one enemy of the Church today. Why do you think President Obama has surrounded himself with antiCatholic Catholics in his administration?

For the most part the Kennedys, the Clintons, and now the Obamas know that the only real power that stands in their way of securing a secular humanist statecontrolled utopia of promiscuity, abortion, androgyny, divorce, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, and other movements contributing to our culture of death, is the Catholic Church.

Bishop McNamara and Anna Maria College should be applauded. Blatant contradiction cannot go unchecked. A Catholic cannot reject essential Church teachings on human life and the family and expect to represent the Churchin a public way. Taking public stands in favor of the choice to kill one’s preborn children, to promote the intrinsic contradiction of “same-sex marriage”, and to support the Obamacare mandate that forces religious institutions to provide the means for couples to impede the unity and procreativity of sexual love, makes one an enemy of love.

Reason dictates too that a Catholic cannot choose, as Kennedy and Reggie did, to participate in an invalid marriage from a civil ceremony before any annulment was granted from a previous marriage; for a Catholic understands that until an annulment is granted by the authority Christ gives His Church a sexual relationship with another is presumed to be adultery.

One cannot reasonably condone and promote any of these things and comfortably call oneself Catholic. It is like claiming you love baseball while rejecting the idea of using a bat to hit a ball or the notion of running around the bases to score runs.

Those that condone and promote the desecration of life and love in such a fundamental way cannot reasonably expect to be honored at a Catholic College as a role model, which is one aspect of what a keynote speaker is. Academic institutions have a key role in exposing contradictions to light.

Unfortunately all too often the media and academia accept them as long as it relates to the teachings of the Church. Thankfully it was finally called out this time from the bishop of Worcester and Anna Maria College.