Perspectives on Being Gay – YE GAY OL’ VALLEY by Dani Langevin

By: Dani Langevin – January, 2013 Last month Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan posted an article on Facebook about a gay teacher who had been fired from his position at a Catholic school. Just as Tom hoped, the comments came flooding in fast and furious and with a great deal of misplaced passion. The perspective […]

A Conversation with Lawrence Catholic Academy Principal, Jorge Hernandez, PART 2

TRANSCRIBED BY KATHLEEN LAPLANTE READ PART 1 Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan, (an alum of Saint Patrick’s Grammar School) sat down with the (now) Lawrence Catholic Academy Principal Jorge Hernandez. You can read part 1 of this interview on VP: Do you get any help from St. Patrick’s Church? I know when you were […]

Do Wise Men Still Seek Him?

  By: Paul Murano – December 2012 Each year at Christmas we are reminded of the birth of a man who is by far the most influential person that ever walked the earth. Our calendar separates the pre-Christian era from the Christian era of world history. The world’s number one best selling book tells of Jesus’ story, […]

Mrs. Kennedy and the Politics of Anti-Catholic “Catholicism” – MORALITY MATTERS with Paul Murano

Mrs. Kennedy and the Politics of Anti-Catholic “Catholicism” – MORALITY MATTERS with Paul Murano

By: Paul Murano – April, 2012 Victoria Reggie Kennedy, wife of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, was slated to be the 2012 commencement speaker at Anna Maria College in Paxton, a Catholic college in the Diocese of Worcester. Her invitation was rescinded by the college last week when the bishop got wind of it. In […]

Into the Harbor

Ye Gay Old Valley  By: Dani Langevin, Lesbian Columnist – December, 2010 I’ve been watching the Tea Party movement, well, not really. I’ve actually just been hearing about it, listening to the fact that it’s growing faster than a bald man’s hair plugs and had some sort of impact on the recent elections. I will […]

Approving menorah shows tolerance

PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN Originally Published in the North Andover Citizen November 29, 2001     By TOM DUGGAN  North Andover selectmen took a courageous stand this week when they approved the placement of a menorah on public property to celebrate the holidays. Surprisingly, there was no opposition to the selectmen’s vote. There was […]