Note to Lawrence Citizens, Beware of False Prophets!


By: Peter Larocque – February 2013

Massachusetts State Senator Barry Finegold
Massachusetts State Senator Barry Finegold (D) Andover

Usually when one reads the Title of Prophet, they immediately think of Biblical Prophets. Biblical Prophets are those called by God to speak for Him to discipline, admonish, encourage or edify His people.

They may at times even warn His people of coming events that would not be a blessing to them if they keep going in a particular direction or keep doing what they are doing. In the end, God’s people would profit from and benefit from what the Prophet of God would speak if they adhere to what was said.

Here in this column I am referring to False prophets. False prophets are those who call upon themselves to speak for themselves on subjects that will ultimately bring profit to themselves in the public eye. They speak with only having their own interest in mind, what they believe will bring benefit to them. Although, it may appear at first that they have the interest of the people at heart, but as time goes on, in the end they are only thinking of themselves and what would bring profit to them.

As I write this column I try to not be judgmental, or pass judgment on anyone. But I must call situations and base my opinion on what I see and hear. So in doing so, I must allow the chips to fall where they may.

Diana Dizoglio
State Rep. Diana Dizoglio

Let me say right at the beginning to our Freshman State Representative Diana DiZoglio, right out of the gate is doing a great job of what a State Representative is supposed to be doing which is representing the interest of the people who put her in office! She is introducing legislation that would extend ballot prohibition to local candidates for campaign violations and fines which is already law for State office candidates.

So, to State Representative DiZoglio, I say thank you and God Bless you. You are showing that what you said is what you meant and that what you meant is what you said during your campaign, which is that you would always try to do what is in the best interest of the voters! It is very refreshing to see a politician keeping their promise. Surely other State officials can learn from your actions!

Since the announcement of this piece of legislation by our Freshman Representative, what I now call false prophets are coming out and trying to attach themselves to this bill as if they too have the people’s interest at heart.

First there is our Attorney General Martha Coakley; she has expressed her support for this legislation. Next lending his support is our other Freshman State Representative and City Councilor President Mr. Frank Moran. Then there is our State Senator Mr. Barry Finegold who is also expressing his support. Why do I call these officials false prophets you may ask? Because we all know that this legislation was inspired by our wonderful Mayor of Lawrence, the Honorable Mayor William Lantigua who has had well publicized campaign violations which exceed his four year term as Mayor.

The above mentioned State and City Officials have had plenty of time to introduce a bill themselves that could have been made into a law to stop this from going on and on by our wonderful Mayor, but they chose to keep silent and do nothing so that their political interest would not be harmed in any way or fashion. As far as I’m concerned, their non-action over the last four plus years places them in the false prophet category. Not to go unnoticed, State Representative Marcos Devers also is in this group of false prophets by his continued silence on any subject just so that he can retain his reputation as a representative of the people.

Lawrence City Council President Frank Moran
Lawrence City Council President Frank Moran

Now I don’t want to come across un-sensitive or unknowledgeable to what happens when someone goes in cross purposes with the Mayor. We know from pass experience that it is next to impossible to get elected or re-elected to office representing Lawrence without the backing of the Mayor. Every election he has his favorites marked off on a sample ballot telling his supporters who to vote for, this is not or should not be a surprise to any Lawrence citizen who has been around for the last 4 plus years.

But with that being said, these false prophets have clearly placed what is in their own best interest before the interest of the people. Getting elected or re-election to them has become more important than doing the right thing.

There is another false prophet that I must bring to your attention and if I were not to mention him, that would be a disservice to you, the readers of the Valley Patriot. This false prophet is none other than our Secretary of State Mr. William Galvin. He has made the decision to not investigate the allegations of faked signatures on nomination petitions filed last year for former candidate for State Representative for the 17th Essex District Mr. Frank Moran.

As we all know now, Mr. Moran won his election to this office. Mr. Secretary Galvin has proven once again that his commitment to the Democrat Party in Lawrence led by Mayor Lantigua is more important than doing his job which he was elected to do which is getting to the truth in this matter!

So in conclusion, note to Representative Diana DiZoglio, watch your back! Make sure when these elected officials, false prophets; express their support in public in the daily paper that you really have their support when it comes to actually voting for the bill! These two actions may not necessarily be in their best interest.

There are other false prophets that I’m sure will come up as we get closer to our city elections in the fall of 2013 as the race for Mayor and City Councilors and School Committee heats up. Watch for comments against actions made by Mayor Lantigua by potential opponents from City Councilors in the coming months ahead.

I am already hearing comments by some opposing recent hiring’s by the Mayor. For example after the fact, how it was wrong to hire Mr. Santiago as a temporary employee to the Lawrence DPW. But nothing said or done when he was initially hired, only after when he was arrested for a restraining order violation.

Clearly these are comments by false prophets serving only themselves. Looking forward to another election cycle for us who live in Lawrence!

God Bless you all!