“Now It’s Official: A Clean Campaign Based on the Facts”

By: Kenneth Willette – April, 2011

I have officially announced my candidacy for Methuen Mayor. I want to personally thank the Valley Patriot for allowing me to continue to express my ideas every month. I have worked on many issues over my tenure as Methuen City Councilor at Large and School Committeeman. I am the only candidate in this race, now or in the future, who has consistently voted against tax increases and inflated municipal and school budgets. I can also confidently state that I am only the candidate in this race whose ideas have actually led to significant cost savings for the local government. My future proposals could save the system millions more.

I co-sponsored the strongest residency enforcement policy in Methuen Public Schools history, which will save our system hundreds of thousands of dollars. I also ended the admission of any future student whose parent works for the Methuen Public Schools but resides outside Methuen. During my six years on the Methuen City Council, I always fought for the elimination of one-time revenue gimmicks and the stabilization of tax rates. During my Administration, I pledge to fight against any new water and sewer rate increases. I will absolutely vote against user and athletic fees if I am elected to serve as Chairman of the Methuen School Committee as the incoming Mayor. My six years of service on the School Committee confirms that assertion.

On the public safety front, I have recommended the placement of a police officer in every public school to prevent criminal activity and violence, the installation of cameras on school buses to deter student mischief, and the placement of detailed information, including photos, on Level 3 sex offenders on our local government website and cable access channel—to protect families and children. I also recommended mandatory abutter notification of potentially dangerous dogs. I am proud of my previous service on the Public Safety Commission.

I am proud of my efforts in defeating a 40R development on Forest Street and questioning spending by Greater Lawrence Technical School officials, which led to travel policy reforms. I am honored to have supported the Methuen High School renovation project.

During all of my years of public service, I have returned all constituent calls, resolved complicated cases, reached out to neighborhood groups and attended as many meetings and public hearings as possible. I have never personalized my official statements on the Methuen School Committee and the City Council, and I have always conducted clean and informative campaigns. I have been associated with many charitable efforts and made many friendships over the years.

You have my public vow that I will refuse to engage in negative, senseless and destructive attacks in my mailings, advertisements and during any upcoming debates. I hope I have earned your trust once again when you travel to the polls in September and November. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email at KennethWillette@verizon.net, join me on Facebook, or call me at home at 978-683-0606. I look forward to the listening tours that I will be conducting during the spring, summer and fall. I would be humbled if you could join my campaign.