This is No Time to be on the Sidelines in Methuen’s Fall Elections

This is No Time to be on the Sidelines in Methuen’s Fall Elections

By: Ken Willette, Jr. – Oct. 24. 2015 Local media outlets may soon publish articles highlighting the projections of election officials regarding a sub-par turnout from Methuen voters. While some races will go uncontested, this is definitely not the occasion to avoid casting a ballot and remaining silent over your concerns about the course of […]

The Journey Continues

By Kenneth Willette – November, 2013 This is the mission statement of the Common Core Standards (CCS) that has been adopted by the Massachusetts Department of Education. “The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to […]

Methuen Voters will Choose Two of Three Candidates for City Council in West End

By: Tom Duggan – October, 2013 Once thought to be unbeatable, incumbent West End City Councilor Sean Fountain now has a fight on his hands to be re-elected. With Jeanne Pappalardo unable to run for re-election because of terms limits, voters will have to choose two of three very popular polls. Sean Fountain: Fountain is […]

Fountain: Seniors, Youth My Top Priorities for Methuen

By: Tom Duggan – August 20, 2013  North Andover firefighter and first term West End Councilor Sean Fountain is seeking a second term on the city council. There are two open  seats representing the West End on the city council. There are three candidates seeking the position meaning one of the three will be eliminated […]

Why I am Running for West District Councilor in Methuen

By: Kenneth Willette – August, 2013 Based on constructive and positive feedback I received from political supporters, family members and friends in Methuen’s West End, I decided recently to join the race for West District Councilor. I have watched, with great dismay, the actions of the Methuen City Council over the past two years, which […]

Who is Minding the Store in Methuen?

  By: Ken Willette – June, 2012 I have observed with great dissatisfaction political decisions being considered or enacted by our local leadership in Methuen. With each questionable decision, I have come to the same conclusions: when are real government reforms going to be implemented and how much will these recent actions to augment the […]

“New” Faces in Methuen

November, 2005 The running joke before last week’s election was: “who is going to LOSE by a wider margin, Marcos Devers in Lawrence or Ellen Bahan in Methuen?”  Well, Ellen won that one, but not much else. She lost the mayoral race to Bill Manzi by a margin of 28% to 68%, a resounding victory […]