“Hey, Governor Patrick, You Don’t Speak for Me!”


By: Kenneth Willette  May, 2012

I was quite amused to learn recently that Deval Patrick will be making the rounds on the national press circuit as an official spokesperson for the Obama re-election campaign. I am actually thrilled that he is the national spokesperson, because his dubious record on crime, illegal immigration and tax hikes will open the door to political attacks similar to what happened to another Massachusetts Miracle Leftist—Mike Dukakis– in 1988. As Romney will ultimately secure the Republican nomination, Massachusetts will be front and center as a tale of two totally different political philosophies on the national stage between two Governors with diametrically opposite views of America.

One philosophy (the conservative Romney camp) will advocate for bipartisan governmental reform, billions of dollars in less government expenditures, lower and simplified taxes, less regulations, sensible crime control and disincentives on illegal immigration. The other philosophy (the Patrick Occupy Movement) will cry out for more aid to illegal immigrants, call for the release of more cop killers and lifers, add thousands of more regulations, implement higher taxes, incur more user and transaction fees and expand the scope of government into every facet of human existence.

But, Governor Patrick, please remember that you don’t speak for me on the national press tour, especially when your liberal appointees released a murderous lifer who immediately returned to a life of crime and killed a police officer in the line of duty. Please don’t mention the proud people of Massachusetts when you talk about at least $93 million of our taxpayer dollars being spent on government services for illegal immigrants. Save your bleeding heart speeches for liberals like Sean Penn when you promote the benefits of in- state tuition rates for illegal aliens, when you delay the introduction of the E-Verify system in Massachusetts and when you stonewall the statewide implementation of Secure Communities.

We should require all public and private sector employers and vendors to utilize the E-Verify system, as an effective enforcement tool to deter the hiring of illegal aliens and undocumented workers in our state. Governor Patrick, you have intentionally stalled the full implementation of the Secure Communities program, whereby local and state law enforcement agencies can work in partnership with ICE officials to determine the immigration status of apprehended criminals. Hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens have been successfully caught and deported across the nation under Secure Communities, but being in full compliance here in Massachusetts would conflict with the Governor’s image of showcasing a friendly, pro-criminal Commonwealth. A state where illegal aliens who commit serious crimes are treated as protected guests.

Governor Patrick, please feel free to talk to MSNBC and all the liberal policy wonks about how you increased income taxes, raised commuter transit fares multiple times and imposed new licensing and processing fees on hundreds of thousands of middle-class and working class families to pay for services to illegal aliens. Don’t forget to brag about the fact that EBT (welfare) recipients enjoyed taxpayer-subsidized booze, porn, cigarettes and scratch tickets under your watch before commonsense reforms were approved just recently.

Mitt Romney definitely exited the state in better fiscal shape when he departed the Governor’s office. He has no Willie Horton monster hiding in the shadows to be revealed on the national press circuit. He reformed the government apparatus, reduced billions in spending, promoted a strong law enforcement agenda and cooperated with Democrats on major state laws.

Governor Patrick, please don’t forget to talk about the jobs created between your Administration and the previous Republican Administrations. The stark comparison might actually accomplish something few humans thought possible—a speechless Deval.

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