Obama Betrays the Jews



May, 2009

President Obama has pledged $900 million dollars of our tax money to help rebuild the Palestinian territory called Gaza. Not surprisingly, the terrorist group Hamas has pledged $45 million for the rebuilding of Gaza.

Apparently, the goal of the Obama administration is to rebuild Gaza’s infrastructure so that the Palestinian Authority and Fatah Government will be strong enough to fight the Hamas terrorists. But, remember, all Hamas did after a hostile takeover of Gaza was shoot missiles on a daily basis into southern Israel to kill as many Jews as they could.

Last summer, when the Israeli government had finally had enough and began shooting back at the Palestinian terrorists, they entered the occupied territory of Gaza. They destroyed the Hamas infrastructure, including underground bunkers (where missiles were stored) and much of their weapons arsenal so that Hamas would stop shooting them into Israel.

Every day, Israel said that it would stop shooting if Hamas stopped their attacks. Every day Hamas refused. So Israel did what needed to be done and obliterated the terrorist infrastructure of Gaza to stop the wanton attacks on Israeli cities.

Now, President Obama wants to give the people of Gaza $900 million and promises that the money will not go to the terrorists of Hamas.


Not go to Hamas?

And how does the US government plan to prevent that? Especially when Hamas terrorists are still in charge of the government in Gaza.

Apparently the money is to be filtered through the UN. The same UN that was in charge of the Iraqi oil for food program, which became a major source of funding for the Saddam regime. The same UN that has Angola, Madagascar, Qatar, and Nicaragua on its human rights council. The Same UN that has sanctioned Israel for defending itself but never once sanctioned a Muslim country for attacking Israel.

We don’t believe for one minute that $900 million of your hard earned tax money will not be going to the Hamas terrorists. We believe (as we said last year) that Barack Obama is a Palestinian sympathizer and purposely perpetuated a fraud on the American people by declaring his support for Israel during the election.

Now we see the real Palestinian agenda of this president.

During this recession, when so many Americans are out of work and can barely pay their bills, it is irresponsible for President Obama to pledge $900 million dollars to rebuild Gaza and it is never a good time to fund terrorists.

Is this not a slap in the face to both Israel and the American people? Israel now knows that, if it defends herself against terrorists like Hamas, America will come to the rescue of Israel’s enemies and pledge money so that these despicable Muslim terrorists can rebuild their infrastructure and weaponry.

It is also an insult to hard working Amercians. If the best purpose Obama can find for this $900 million is to fund terrorists, he should return it to the American taxpayers … So much for Obama’s pledge to support Israel, fight terrorism, control deficit spending, and give the middle class a tax cut.