Obama Fostering Black Racism


August, 2009

Harvard’s Professor Gates and a friend, who are both black, locked themselves out of his Cambridge home and had to break into his house. This activity is spotted by a passer-by and reported to the police. No mention of the men’s skin color was mentioned during the call. The police arrive and the responding Sergeant Crowley, who is white, enters the professor’s property in an attempt to protect his home from a possible burglary.

Anticipate the possibilities that he will find: thieves ransacking the home, criminals armed with automatic weapons, a  home invasion, items being destroyed or stolen, etc.

When Sergeant Crowley and his partner encounter Professor Gates inside and requests that he show identification, Gates becomes offended that a white cop would ask him anything, and starts mouthing off to the officer. After much “discussion” the professor finally identifies himself and as the
police are about to leave, Professor Gates verbally assaults  the officer, shouting insults and expletives at him, demanding  badge numbers.

Despite being given Sergeant Crowley’s badge number, Gates continues to behave belligerently, following the officers out onto the front porch. Meanwhile, people are gathering outside because of the commotion. Gates continues to shout at the officers, and insulted Sergeant Crowley’s mother, invading his personal space and, in his own words “got in his face.”

The Sergeant then arrests the professor for disturbing the peace. At every single point of the incident it is Gates who causes the conflict and it is Gates who is solely responsible for the escalation of the hostility which lead to him being lawfully taken into custody.

President Obama, admitting he did not have all of these facts, took time away from his health care plan news conference to inject himself into the incident, taking the side of the black man over the white cop.

Now just imagine, if a white professor and a black police officer were engaged in the same situation a year ago, and George Bush called the black officer “stupid” taking the side of the white man, not knowing the facts … there would be calls for his impeachment for being a racist.

Why is Obama getting away with not even giving an apology? Why Is the media silent on his defaulting to the racist attitude of, ‘absent the facts, I’m with the black guy’?”

Instead of the president using this major gaffe as a “teachable moment” to condemn black racists and the damage they do to America, Obama calls for a “beer summit” as if a meeting with Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley at the White House can solve anything.

Obama played the race card and has gotten away with it.

Shame on Obama, Shame on the press for letting him get away with it, and shame on Washington politicians for failing to call him on it.