Obama Fostering Black Racism

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL August, 2009 Harvard’s Professor Gates and a friend, who are both black, locked themselves out of his Cambridge home and had to break into his house. This activity is spotted by a passer-by and reported to the police. No mention of the men’s skin color was mentioned during the call. The police arrive […]

We Suggest “Nearly Perfect”

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL April, 2008 The Massachusetts state Board of Education is unhappy with the mean-spirited words being used to describe government schools that are not up to snuff. Those who are concerned with this less-than-ideal performance have used such adjectives as “failing” and “under-performing.” Schools with persisting imperfections are even bullied with terms like […]

Democracy in Pakistan

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    December, 2007 There is a rush to judgment by the media and our government, both Democrats and Republicans, reacting to Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf’s declaration of emergency and suspension of their constitution. Everyone now waving the flag of democracy says this is the anti-democratic conduct of a dictator, and should be stopped […]

The NY Times & Treason

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL July, 2006 The editors of The New York Times, once again, have decided to publish U.S. government secrets about how we are fighting the War on Terror. Revealing methods of tracking and catching terrorists to our enemies, the Times editors shamelessly hide behind their “rights” under the First Amendment to our Constitution […]