The NY Times & Treason


July, 2006

The editors of The New York Times, once again, have decided to publish U.S. government secrets about how we are fighting the War on Terror. Revealing methods of tracking and catching terrorists to our enemies, the Times editors shamelessly hide behind their “rights” under the First Amendment to our Constitution – all the while committing acts of treason and undermining the very government which ensures those rights. 

What is forgotten all too often in our society is that with rights come responsibilities, and that NO right is absolute.

We say it is time to prosecute and jail The New York Times editors who continually give aid and comfort to our enemies by publishing government secrets for Al Quaida terrorists to use in their attacks against us.

Editors at the Times say that revealing the details of secret government programs in the War on Terror is “no big deal” because, they say, terrorists already know that the U.S. is monitoring their financial transactions.

But there is a big difference between having vague knowledge that you are being watched and receiving specific knowledge of the methods of such an investigation.

It would be no different than printing the name and picture of undercover police officers who had infiltrated the mafia, or writing a story that alerts a serial killer to what time the cops are going to knock on his door.

Editors at the Times would have you believe that the government has no legitimate right to keep any secrets for any reason and that they are the good guy watchdogs over our evil, secretive government.

But who are the watchdogs over the press when publishers recklessly put American lives at risk? We say it is the government’s responsibility to protect us from those domestic enemies who clearly side with terrorists over our own safety. To survive, we must jail them.