Obama’s Birth Control Plan


By Paul Murano – August, 2011

The Obama administration said last month that health insurance plans must cover birth control as preventive care for women, with no co-pays.

This is huge.

From the FDA approving the birth control pill in 1960 to the court striking down restrictions to contraception use in 1965 (Griswold vs. Connecticut) to the government forcing all insurers to cover it as an integral part of the Obama Care revolution, this a radical movement. Why is it so important? Let’s take a quick look at some of the things contraception is evidently responsible for:

* There is mounting evidence that oral contraceptives contribute to breast cancer in women.

* There is evidence that the pill causes sterility in women from the significant hormonal imbalance caused to her body by oral contraceptives.

* Studies have shown that the hormonal effects on women who use the pill lead them to choose mates they would not naturally choose, eventually resulting in unhappy marriages and broken families.

* Evidence indicates that chemicals from oral contraception have found their way into the water supplies, creating “feminized” fish that can no longer procreate, and possibly similarly contributing to sterility in men.

* Countless statistics have shown that contraception is the gateway to abortion. Griswold vs. Connecticut quickly ushered in Roe vs. Wade; and the contraceptive mentality quickly created the abortion culture.

* The common birth control pill also directly causes abortion. When the main purpose of the pill fails and conception does occur, the hormones from the pill make the uterine lining impossible for the tiny human to attach to, causing spontaneous abortion without the mother even knowing it.

* Contraception contributes to divorce. There is more and more evidence that this is true. 99% of divorces are from contraceptive users. While 50% of contracepting couples end up in divorce, less than 1% of those who instead use Natural Family Planning do. Contraception creates a physical, psychological, and spiritual barrier between spouses, disabling them from experiencing that one-flesh union marriage is meant to be. Instead spouses often feel used, communicate less, and become emotionally distant.

* Contraception created the “relationship” culture and enabled promiscuity without fear, contributing to low self esteem in women and lack of responsibility in men. This in turn created more single moms and welfare children.

* It created the pornography boom that is addicting a large percentage of our nation, breaking apart lives and families in the process.

* Contraception rationalizes homosexuality as well as other deviant behaviors by separating the naturally inseparable unitive from procreative meanings of conjugal love, de-linking sex from procreation. When love and life are separated sexual expression loses its true meaning, and is sought outside of natural law.

* Contraception causes illegal immigration, due to the missing replacement labor force. This point has little attention paid to it so far, but why have both parties turned a blind eye to illegal immigration? Other than political pandering, our economy has become dependent on it. Why? The numbers of young people who used to take certain lower scale jobs no longer exist. While in past generations women had an average of 4 to 5 children they now have 1.4. We need to replenish what contraception has depleted.

* Social entitlements will be bankrupt. The aging and retiring baby-boomers coupled with a decreasing percentage of working-age people paying taxes is not a good combination.

* Death panels for the sick and elderly are inevitable. If the government provides life-prevention in the form of contraception it will certainly provide it at the other end of the lifecycle when the allocation of money will need to be rationed. Euthanasia will become acceptable and, if it hasn’t already, quality of life will be our applied ethic rather than sanctity of life.

* Contraception is the end of civilization. Because of its widespread use in the western world, Europe, Russia, Australia, Canada and the U.S. are all dying a slow demographic death, only offset a little by the massive immigration of Arabs into Europe and Hispanics into the U.S. China and India are killing off their girls in utero at alarming rates.

* Contraception prevents a potential person from ever existing, one who would have lived for all eternity.

* For all these reasons and more the use of contraception is a grave violation of natural law and is recognized as a mortal sin by the bible and the Catholic Church.

Is forcing all insurers to provide free contraception a good idea, making it even more solidly imbedded in our culture of death? You make the call.