Parole Officers who Freed Cop Killer Reinstated: Valley Patriot August, 2013 Editorial

Valley Patriot August ’13 Editorial

Dominic Cinelli-paroleIt’s simply sickening.

An arbitrator has reinstated two of the parole officials responsible for the release of cop killer Dominic Cinelli. At this point we believe everyone who contributed to the release of Cinelli should be purged from the public payrolls. If that can’t be done these individuals need to be moved into jobs where they can never do harm to our public safety again.


Dominic Cinelli was in prison serving THREE life sentences for attempted murder, had shot one man, robbed dozens with a gun, and escaped. While on the run, he willfully committed more violence and was eventually caught … again.

But what happened next was outrageous. Dominic Cinelli, a hardened, violent criminal was put back out onto the streets once AGAIN by Deval Patrick’s hand-picked parole board.

This time, while he had the blessing of Deval Patrick’s parole board to prowl the streets yet again, Cinelli shot and killed Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire.

A death we put squarely on the heads of Deval Patrick and those in charge of our prison and parole system who make excuses for evil, criminal minds.

Thankfully, Cinelli was himself shot and killed by Woburn Police the night he took Maguire’s life, some might say his death too, is on the hands of Deval Patrick and his pie-in-the-sky approach to crime.

If you read Cinelli’s parole reports, the evidence shows that it is the belief of this administration and those who create parole standards, that violent people commit crimes because they just don’t know any better; that violent people who do evil things can be simply taught to behave themselves.

This kid of dangerous thinking is a real threat to our public safety.

All over the report it cites the “causative factors” that lead to Cinelli’s previous violent crimes… it’s sick to read how they excuse his violent behavior and then pat themselves on the back for rehabilitating him through “programs”.

Dominic Cinelli
Dominic Cinelli’s parole hearing where parole board members were convinced that he was longer violent because he attended “positive programming” and attended church services while in prison. Cinelli was serving three life sentences when he shot and killed Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire.

But Dominic Cinelli was smarter than they were.

He paid close attention as he saw other inmates getting out by completing silly, meaningless classes and programs that have nothing to do with the reasons he committed his crimes.

Because of this mindset of coddling criminals, Dominic Cinelli had been able to take advantage of every level of our naive criminal justice system and then managed to talk his way out of a prison cell, we say again … while serving three life sentences…. to roam our streets and commit more crimes.

How did he do it?

How did he prove to our out- of-touch Parole Board that he was no longer violent and was ready to reenter society without posing a threat?

The parole report says that prior to his release, Cinelli had recently ceased to commit violence while he was in prison. This was contrasted in the report to his violent behavior in the decades prior.

Also cited in his parole report, officials said Dominic Cinelli should be freed because he had given lectures to Toastmasters, (a public speaking club in prison), and he had worked hard to get his GED. He even attended twelve step substance abuse and anger management recovery programs.

Though we know we are wasting our time, we are publicly calling on Governor Deval Patrick, (a man who willingly tried to free an admitted cop killer in the past), to fire, move, reassign or find some other way to make sure every person who had a hand in Dominic Cinelli’s release, never has that kind of authority over people’s lives again.

We do so for the family of Officer Maguire, and the next Officer Maguire yet to be killed at the hands of another Deval Patrick parolee.