Riverwalk Law Center to bring 250 jobs to Lawrence



By: Tom Duggan – Ocotober, 2008

 The City of Lawrence is about to be the home of a new concept in legal services according to Al Zappala president of All things Sicilian, and Sal Lupoli of Sal’s Pizza and Sal’s Riverwalk.

 Zappala and Lupoli say they intend to create a series of “boutique” law centers that “will attract the best legal minds in the Commonwealth to a centralized location.”

 The target date for occupancy is set for sometime in 2009. According to Lupoli, the Riverwalk Law Center could launch the next phase of Riverwalk development plans. Lupoli, who turned Riverwalk Properties on Merrimack Street in Lawrence from an abandoned eyesore to one of the city’s most prominent and thriving complexes in four short years. Attorney Al Zappala said last month that his plan is to create the largest Law Center north of Boston.

 Besides being president of All Things Sicilian, Zappala is a recognized expert on the bar examination in Massachusetts and a member of the faculty at 3 Boston law Schools where he has taught for years.

 “The Riverwalk is a natural location,” Zappala said.

 “With the Federal Immigration Offices coming to Lawrence in 2009, and the Essex County Superior Court, the Fenton Judicial Center right around the corner and the Registry of Deeds located right now within the Riverwalk Complex will be an ideal and unique situation for practitioners ranging from solo practitioners to mid-sized firms. We will create first class space which will concentrate on specific areas of the law, ranging from real estate, immigration, civil, criminal, mediation groups, intellectual; property groups and other areas of the law. Lawrence is a natural place for this concept” he concluded.

 “A Law Center concept is exactly what I had in mind when we decided to first develop the site. Al Zappala is very highly regarded in the legal community throughout the state and is the perfect guy for the project. We estimate that once completed, over 100 lawyers and another 150 support staff will make this concept a model for others to follow” said Lupoli.