Salvatore’s Donates and Serves Gourmet Meal to Homeless in Lawrence

Salvatore’s Restaurant in Lawrence donated a gourmet meal at the Daybreak Homeless Shelter last month. Pictured are: Eric Soucy and Joyce Philbrick of Salvatore’s, Mike Agricola, the new owner of Salvatore’s, and head of the Psychological Center, Carina Pappalardo serving the homeless.


With the Daybreak Homeless Shelter in Lawrence in desperate need of funding to care for the less fortunate, the new owner of Salvatore’s Restaurant, Mike Agricola, showed up last month with two of his staff, Eric Soucy and Joyce Philbrick, to lend a helping hand.

“This is wonderful,” Carina Pappalardo, head of the Greater Lawrence Psychological center said. The Psychological center runs the Daybreak Shelter.

“To some of the people who come here, this will be their only meal of the day. It’s so nice to see a local business owner like Mike seek us out and not only make a donation of food for the homeless but, then also served the food showing the commitment of Salvatore’s to helping the community. I only wish more business owners would come once in a while to help out; we can make such a difference in people’s lives.”

Agricola, who purchased Salvatore’s from Sal Lupoli last year, was visibly moved while talking to some of the homeless who came to eat. “These people have nothing … nothing! As a community we need to do more to help. These are human beings who are at the lowest point in their lives and we have an obligation to do something. I was glad to be able to help and I hope other businesses do the same. Just imagine if all the restaurants in the area picked a day to do this? What a difference that would make!”

Members of The Valley Patiot’s BASH committee (the steering committee that organizes The Valley Patriot’s annual charity event) also showed up to help serve, clean and make the event something special. Chris Eldredge, Gracemarie Tomaselli, Maria Fiato, Brenda Rozzi, The Damicos, Deb Canejo, Joyce Tomaselli, Rich Russell, and Jen Jones, all pitched in to help.