State Rep. Jim Lyons Receives Newspapers 1st Amendment Award




Photo-joeDunnThe Valley Patriot newspaper bestowed its’ highest honor Friday to Andover State Rep. Jim Lyons (R) of Andover.

Lyons received the Valley Patriot newspaper’s 1st Amendment Award for his dedication to the releasing of public documents to the public in the face of stonewalling by government officials. 

Lyons is a Republican and member of the Tea Party who has been unwavering in his attacks on corrupt government officials who commit fraud. Lyons has doggedly pursued government officials involved in the state’s Probation Department scandal where jobs were being sold for cash and political favors. He continued to call for the firing of those involved and exposing to the public the details of who was involved. 

Lyons has also been on the forefront of blowing the whistle on the states Crime Lab scandal and the state Pharmacy scandal. 

He called for a state takeover of the City of Lawrence after former Mayor Willie Lanrigua got a $35M bailout loan and then laid off 24 cops and 25 firefighters AFTER receiving the loan. 

He also demanded Governor Deval Patrick release the amount of money in government services were being dolled out to the family of the Muslim terrorists who committed the Boston Marathon bombing. 

State Representative Jim Lyons (R) Andover, has turned Beacon Hill on it’s dome by blowing the whistle on how much money taxpayers were spending for health care on illegal aliens. Rep. Lynos forced the Patrick Administration and the democrats on Beacon Hill to release to the public that the taxpayers of the Commonwealth pay more than $93MIL on health care for illegals in Massachusetts.

Lyons has filed numerous bills for transparency and accountability in state government and is currently investigating the Department of Agriculture’s conflicts of interest by allowing dog breeders to oversee rescue shelters, their direct competition. 

For these reasons and so many more the Valley Patriot has granted State Rep. Jim Lyons with the coveted 1st Amendment Award at the 11th Annual BASH on March 20, 2015.