State Senators Initiate Investigation into The Holy Family Hospital



Big Band Singer Bran Evans with his mom Helen Bousquet
Big Band Singer Brian Evans with his mom Helen Bousquet

After a November 13th meeting at The State House with State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and representatives from Will Brownsberger’s office and the Department of Health, a formal investigation has been initiated into The Holy Family Hospital and Steward Health Care Systems. The investigation follows the death of Helen Bousquet, who died after being left in an unmonitored recovery room despite a known heart condition, a condition of sleep apnea, and who had been dosed out on morphine and throwing up all day the day that she died.

 Evans issued numerous releases, individually, of each action he took (including all complaint filings) via the Reuters newswire.

 “I did what I had to do to get people to wake up,” says Evans. “There is no pill I can give anyone to make them fully understand this overwhelming loss,” he says. “Those press releases got NECN to do a story about my mother, so the method worked and I intend to continue to get the word out in any way that I have to. I can’t bring her back, but I can make sure her death saves others.”

 Evans says he has received numerous communications from former patients who have described similar circumstances at The Holy Family Hospital. Evans communicated his concerns to the Mayor of Methuen, who never responded to him. The FBI is assessing the situation, according to numerous news stories, and US Senator John Kerry initiated the investigation by forwarding Evans complaint to the Board of Medicine.

 Meanwhile, Evans is attempting to have a memorial sign placed beneath both ends of “M Street” in Hampton Beach, where she resided year-round. Actor William Shatner, producer Narada Michael Walden (the famed produced of Whitney Houston, and also Helen’s son), and Mirage president Felix Rappaport have also voiced their support for the memorial.

 “My mother mattered to me, if not the Holy Family Hospital, and there are consequences for what this place did. I am that consequence. I will not let my mother’s death mean nothing, and she lives every day in me and what I do. This has changed the course of my life, and as a result, it will the change the course of Holy Family Hospital and Steward Health Care System if it is the last thing I do, and I’m fine if it is.”

 Evans will now donate all royalties he receives from his next album, “At Fenway,” which features a DVD of the music video set to debut in April to charities his mother admired, and he also intends to donate proceeds to the American Sleep Apnea Association.

 “My mother didn’t have to die if these fools who knew she needed a sleep apnea machine to sleep put two and two together. At Holy Family Hospital, your head has to roll out of the recovery room for them to pay attention, in my opinion. Not monitoring her for one single minute was too long, obviously.”

 The Board of Medicine is investigating Dr. Ronald Marvin, her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Straceski, her cardiologist, and Sharda Kaul, her general physician. The health department is also investigating the hospital itself. Evans filed complaints with the Health Fraud Unit, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and attorney general Martha Coakley.

 “To date, I am disgusted with the attorney general’s office who seem more interested in gloating about fining Burger King fifty grand than lifting a finger to investigate my mother. If she continues to ignore it, I’ll make certain, as will all of my friends, that voters remember her actions or inactions. They need to put their ego in check and do their jobs. People are dying,” Evans says, in his opinion.

 “If it were not for State senator’s Tarr and Brownsberger, nothing would be happening. Fortunately, they are alert at the wheel.”



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