Stewart Tops Ticket , Incumbents Reelected to North Andover Board of Selectmen

North Andover Selectman Don Stewart
“Work your butt off, that’s the theme”
~ North Andover Selectman Don Stewart

By: Tom Duggan|March 25, 2014

Long time North Andover Selectman Don Stewart topped the ticket in Tuesday’s race to fill two seats on the Board of Selectmen. Stewart placed first with 846 votes, while incumbent Selectman Tracey Watson placed second with 794 votes, leaving the newcomer Adam Sapienza the odd man out with only 520 votes. 

Stewart told The Valley Patriot after the results were announced at North Andover High School that he was “very disappointed” at the extremely low voter turnout. 

“It was very low, very disappointing,” Stewart said. 

Asked what he thought lead to him topping today’s election, Stewart laughed. 

“Just by being myself. I think they finally realized after all these years what I’m really all about. It’s a lot of trust by a lot of people. Whenever I say something I back it up, I know what I’m talking about and I mean what I say. People have confidence in me and my abilities.”

Stewart said that he is glad he is going to be around another three years to see through some of the projects that are currently being planned or are already underway.


“My goal now is to make sure things are running the same way. We are on a good path. We are running on all eight cylinders, we need to keep a straight and narrow coarse for prosperity.”

“We have the facilities plan, get the fire station done, the school officers issue, get town hall renovated, these re three or four year plans and I will be able to be there to get all this done without an override. No overrides.”

Asked if he made the “no override” position a campaign issue he said that he hadn’t.

“No, it wasn’t a theme of the campaign,” he said laughing. “I don’t have a theme. Just work your butt off, that ‘s the theme. Work your butt off, contact a lot of people, talk to them. That’s what it is. Work your butt off.”

Asked if he had anything to add he said, ” Happy new year!”