My Sister Was Killed ~ By Jeff Katz

My Sister Was Killed  ~ By Jeff Katz

By: Jeff Katz: March, 2016 I was just putting the finishing touches on my column about the current electoral scene. A helping of Super Tuesday, dash of Trump, sprinkle of Clinton and I was ready to roll, when I heard a news report advising that my sister had been killed. The funny thing was, I had […]

Springfield City Councilor Timothy Rooke Hit with Campaign Finance Violations

  Springfield City Councilor Timothy Rooke has agreed to pay $5,000 to the state’s general fund for campaign finance violations that include using campaign funds for personal purposes, failing to keep records, and not disclosing certain financial activity, according to a disposition agreement between Rooke and OCPF. Rooke paid $2,000 to the state when the […]

Scratch Lawrence off the List: Council President Says Media Reports on Arizona Boycott “Just Plain Wrong”

By: TOM DUGGAN – May 5, 2010  Lawrence City Council President Frank Moran says that media reports listing Lawrence among the cities in Massachusetts to call for a boycott of the State of Arizona are “Just plain wrong.”  A news story by the Associated Press was picked up by The Boston Herald and Fox25 News yesterday […]