Hit a Dog, Pull Over …it is the LAW!

  By: Tracey Zysk – November, 2011 As a dog walker with a majority of my dogs on Waverly, Mass Ave and the side roads in between, I instantly got a really sick feeling in my stomach. I knew, I didn’t know which one, but I knew by the feeling I had, one of my […]

October is National Adopt a Dog Month

  By: Tracey Zysk – October, 2011 Well when you have three animal writers for the Valley Patriot all PRO ADOPTION…you know we are all very excited about the month of October being the American Humane Association Adopt a Dog Month. Why adopt? Well why wouldn’t you? There seems to be many misbelieve and stereotypes […]

Fitness Together Donations Exceed $50,000 To American Diabetes Association of Eastern New England

By: Tracey Zysk ,January, 2011 Personal trainers help clients with diabetes improve their health and wellness. North Andover, Mass. – (December 20, 2010) – The Fitness Together Massachusetts Owners Group, including the local North Andover Fitness Together studio which specializes in one-on-one personal training, is proud to announce it has raised more than $50,000 for […]

My Sweet Lani

My Sweet Lani

  By: Tracey Zysk – September, 2010 On August 28, 2010 my life changed forever….my sweet Lani arrived! At 2:15 pm on this beautiful Saturday afternoon there were approximately fifteen cars lined up along the side of the road waiting for the transport bus to pull in. Anxiously waiting we were all standing around asking […]