Team Zingales Helped Burned out Family at Christmas



METHUEN – When Joe Zingales of Team Zingales at Remax Perferred in Methuen found out that Stephanie Santos and her children were burned out of their Perry Street home in Lawrence right before Christmas and had lost everything, he did what Joe always does when there’s someone in need, he decided to pitch in and help.

Joe immediately sprang into action with his sister Teresa Barcelos Zingales and started making phone calls to get his friends and business contacts to donate money and toys.

“I”m very fortunate, my family is very fortunate and when we hear about people who are in need, especially kids at Christmas time we always feel as though we have to do something to help,” Zingales said.

Just a few days before Christmas, Joe invited Stephanie to his office and asked her to bring her children. When they walked into the real estate office on Pleasant Valley Street Joe, Theresa and their staff were waiting with toys in hand and a check to make their Christmas bright.