Peace on Earth ~ TEEN TALK with ANA DEBERNARDO

Peace on Earth ~ TEEN TALK with ANA DEBERNARDO

By: Ana DeBernardo – December, 2015 The sound of vehicles honking their horns at jaywalkers jolts me from my sleep. The smell of exhaust already suffocates me, barely letting me catch my first breath of the morning. It’s another frigid day in December, and I don’t have a coat or socks, or even shoes without holes. […]

‘Tis the Season

By: Jeff Katz – December, 2013 It is that time of the year when Christmas is in the news. For many of my friends it is an extremely important time of the year. For truly faithful Christians, this is all about the birth of their Messiah and the tremendous hope and joy this brings to […]

Daniel Avila Was Right

Daniel Avila Was Right

  By: Paul Murano – December, 2011 In the October 28th edition of the Boston Pilot, the Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston, Daniel Avila wrote a column entitled, “Some fundamental questions on same-sex attraction”. He was highly criticized, and both he and the newspaper apparently bowed to politically correct pressure and issued a public […]

Wise Men Still Seek Him

  By: Paul Murano , January, 2011 On December 29th on WHAV radio I wished the host of Paying Attention a Merry Christmas. Tom Duggan, the host, immediately informed me Christmas was over. So I took the opportunity to clarify this common misconception. While the secular world celebrates Christmas from the last bite of turkey […]

What You Should Know About Canine Cancer

PUPPY LOVE WITH KATE WHITNEY By: PuppyGirl Kate Whitney – December, 2010 The topic I want to bring awareness to this month is Canine Cancer. I should have written this article last month, since November was Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Oh well, I’m a month late…better late than never. Last month I participated in the […]

Killing off Baby Jesus

  By: Kethleen LaPlante – December, 2010 That is what Christmas is about these days. Killing off and eliminating Baby Jesus from the Christmas season. It’s infanticide, of sorts. For example, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah and Season’s Greetings are okay, but Merry Christmas is out. Holiday Gathering and Tree Lighting Day are okay, but Christmas […]

In this Holiday Season, Remember the empty seat…

By: Austin Roy, Teen Columnist – December, 2010 Remember this Christmas; When you’re eating your dinners, smiling and laughing, remember that somewhere, in another house there’s an empty chair where a hero should be sitting. Those Heroes gave up their life so you can sit with your family. So light a candle for the Heroes that […]

Paying Attention! with Tom Duggan

The Grinch is REAL! Tom Duggan (Dec-2009) Warning: This column may offend anyone bothered by truth, goodness and holiday celebrations! No longer just a children’s fantasy story, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” is alive and well in modern day America. But, the real Grinch doesn’t live at the top of Mount Crumpet. No, no, he […]