Ten Years of Crying Out In the Wilderness – By Paul Murano

Paul Murano is the winner of a 2014 Valley Patriot President's Award. He is the cohost of Paying Attention and has been writing for the Valley Patriot since 2004
Paul Murano is the winner of a 2014 Valley Patriot President’s Award. He is the cohost of Paying Attention and has been writing for the Valley Patriot since 2004

By: Paul Murano – March 2014

When I met Tom Duggan, founder and editor of The Valley Patriot, it was 2004 and I had been producing WCAP’s “Saturday Morning Live” with Warren Shaw. One thing we found we had in common was that I had known his father before his untimely passing.

Officer Tom Duggan, Sr. used to protect Jack’s Fast Food in Lawrence (now Big n’ Beefy) on weekend nights into the wee hours of the morning, and we used to have some good and interesting conversations. I looked forward to hanging with Officer Duggan at work, and my brother in law who owned the restaurant was also good friends with him.

At Tom’s request I switched shows and began producing his “Paying Attention” radio program because the hours were much more conducive for me. It wasn’t long before I was co-host and challenging many of Tom’s presumptions about life, both on the air and off. I had already been hosting a local TV show at the time, and in September of 2004 I began writing for The Valley Patriot.

My first column was a challenge to then presidential candidate John Kerry on something he had said in a presidential debate about becoming “the science president.” I think it related to stem cell research. I have been writing monthly columns ever since.

I had thought Tom would rather quickly see how I wrote – challenging the modern project in a no-spin politically incorrect way – and ask me to consider finding another paper for which to write. After all, the modern project of our western world, which is the collective attempt spearheaded by the media and academia to create our own reality in order to avoid conforming to the one that actually exists, has its sacred cows that cannot be challenged.

Rush Limbaugh found this out, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, the Chick Filet people, as well as the folks at Fox News. They all know what not to say to avoid offending the angry culture of denial. Speaking clearly and unambiguously about certain issues today brings out the wrath of the cultural left, a seething anger that lies barely below the surface ready to attack anyone that dares to challenge the lies that uphold the house of cards built in this modern project. Blasphemy against the religion of secular humanism is not tolerated today; yet there is nothing more important in which to engage. Rather, challenging the movement that has broken down the family and created a culture of death is morally obligatory.

Sadly, this country is into its second generation of believers lost in the cult of secular humanism that has its own terminology, mental constructs, and ideological view of life that militates against truth and happiness. Its characteristic cynicism and utter confusion has led to a radical individualism and isolation, to unprecedented young people committing suicide, and to a general population on medication in order to cope. Breaking through the wall of the man-constructed fortress of false politically correct thinking is an absolute necessity today.

The Valley Patriot allows for this. The paper also allows authors of all stripes to write including those that preach America’s new religion of the left with its sacraments of sexual perversion that uphold its central human sacrifice of preborn children to the god of self. Nevertheless, it is the only publication I know of that does not edit out challenges to this popular deadly cult that has been made so attractive and pervasive by the media and academia.

It has been fun writing for The Valley Patriot Newspaper for the past ten years. Writing this column in union with my TV show, my new radio show on 980 WCAP, Beneath the Surface, and teaching philosophy at the college level, I often feel like the proverbial young boy at the parade who proclaims to the adults, “The emperor is naked!” It has been a blessing to be a part of a newspaper that continues to grow and expand despite being in the era of the internet. May The Valley Patriot evolve in the direction that divine providence has for it, and may the next ten years bring about good fruit to the region of New England that it serves, and beyond.