Texas Governor Rick Perry is ALL Heart!

By: Jeff Katz – October, 21012

Heartless, eh?

I must confess, I’ve really been trying to deal with the news I received in September from Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Seems that Slick Rick knows me better than I know myself. Here I was laboring under the misconception that I was a patriotic American. A hard working man trying to do the right things for my wife and my three children. Doing the best that I could to provide a strong moral compass to my kids. Trying to provide enough spiritual enlightenment to them that they appreciate what they have. Working to make sure they do not covet what someone else might possess because they had rightfully earned it.

My wife and I welcome Shabbat to our home on Friday evenings by lighting candles in keeping with the Jewish faith. As part of our Friday dinner we give the children coins to deposit into a tzedakah box which is then donated to those who need it more than we do. I suppose the right thing to do would be to just keep that money in my own pocket and wait for the government to pick it.

A large part of our lives involves charity. Financially speaking, we don’t have much but we are still sure to make multiple charitable donations. We also donate huge chunks of what could otherwise be leisure time. You’ll find us volunteering to help at schools, helping with after-school clubs, active with our boys in Cub Scouts, etc. Who the heck knew that these are all the outward signs of people who are heartless?

During one of his most miserable debate performances to date, Governor Perry launched in to a diatribe about illegal aliens and their children. He pontificated about the need to provide taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition for those in the nation illegally. Now up until this point, I simply disagreed with him. But when he turned to face the camera and declared that millions of us who disagree with that position were heartless, well I’d tell you that my heart sank but of course that’s not possible, right Governor?

We in Massachusetts have seen up close and personal what happens when you reward illegal behavior. Our part-time Governor Deval Patrick has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal alien invaders and we’ve watched them get liquored up and take to the roads. We’ve watched the illegal aliens commit the crimes that Americans just don’t want to commit anymore. In South Boston you can visit with Barack Obama’s illegal alien Auntie Zeituni who is currently living in taxpayer funded housing while collecting a taxpayer funded pension for a job she never had! After that you’ll probably need a drink, so head on over to Framingham where you can visit with Barack Obama’s illegal Uncle Omar Obama, a/k/a/ Onyango Obama a/k/a Obama Onyango as he works the counter at Conti Liquors. If Barack’s Uncle Omar asks to see your
ID before he sells you your booze, be sure to ask to see his too!

It just seems to me that if you are going to provide tuition breaks it makes more sense to give them to a family from New Hampshire than one who is here illegally from New Zealand. Of course, the bigger question here is about the larger agenda at work. See, the in-state tuition scheme is the first part in the amnesty puzzle. After all, even if the illegal aliens receive a college degree, they are not allowed to work in the United States. Guess what is coming down the pike? The argument that we’ve already paid for their education, so we’ve got to grant them amnesty and eventual citizenship so that they can work and “repay” us.

Well, I’d love to write some more but you’ll have to call me the Tin Man since I am off to see the wizard. Sure hope The Wiz can help me get that heart I am apparently lacking. Who knows, maybe he can also help Rick “The Scarecrow” Perry find a brain.

Jeff Katz is an exclusive columnist for The Valley Patriot and has been twice named the Associated Press Best Talk Show Host in Boston, He can be reached via email at jeffkatzshow@aol.com He is accepting limited speaking engagements