Thank You Reps. Campbell and Devers For Your Service! ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (12/22)


Next month, when the 2023 Legislative Session is sworn into office on Beacon Hill, at least two local state representatives will be missing from the group photos; Linda Dean Campbell of Methuen, and Marcos Devers of Lawrence.

Linda Campbell has been writing a column for our Valley Patriot readers since she was a city councilor back in 2005. As a veteran herself, Campbell has helped thousands of fellow veterans get benefits, housing, and has been on the forefront of nearly every major initiative in The State House to help those currently serving in the military and those who once served.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Campbell has always been easily accessible, transparent with the media, and willing to buck her party, especially when it comes to her local constituents.

This month marks the last time Representative Campbell will be writing her exclusive column in The Valley Patriot as a state representative. We want to thank Linda for all she has done for our veterans, and for being a part of The Valley Patriot family.

We also want to thank outgoing State Representative Marcos Devers for his honorable service to the City of Lawrence, and all of the good he has done for our community and our state.

Devers has made it a priority to help increase state funding for the City of Lawrence, and always sided with our veterans when they needed help from the state.

Representative Devers was also on the forefront of exposing election fraud in Lawrence over the years despite his political party taking the position that election fraud never occurs. Devers fought for Voter ID, was pro-life, and often stood in the way of state tax increases, saying it would hurt the people of Lawrence most.

We could go on and on about both Reps. Devers and Campbell, but their accomplishments are too numerous to list here.

We hope that both of them will continue to serve the community as they move on to other endeavors. We also want them to know that their voice is always welcome here in The Valley Patriot. ◊