The Corruption of a President

By: Tom Weaver – June 2013

Yes, our President is fighting a war, a war run by bureaucrats with rules of engagement set by those not risking their lives to carry out a mission. Young folks are being killed and maimed by those we believe may be friends. But, we will continue the mission, even though victory has never been defined. We must continue to fight, as this war is against a global movement that is at odds with our nation. We must stem the tide of this movement and prevent the expansion of this ideology. Yes, our President needs to open new communication avenues with those that fund the enemy. It seems strange, but that is the new norm given the global condition.

Re-election could have been worse, but who ever heard of a sitting President in the middle of a war losing an election. It would never happen. But, nonetheless, it was important that the President insure that he got the votes. Yes, our President has an enemies list. And if he used the Internal Revenue Service to threaten those groups, he is the President and he does control the IRS. Besides, no one went to jail. He must have had a reason to harass and intimidate using a government agency.

In reality the President is a good guy, he really cares about the environment, so much so, that he funds programs to help protect the future of our planet. Someone that cares that much about the environment must be a great leader and be concerned for the future of the children.

There is evidence that some phones have been wire-tapped, but there probably is a reasonable explanation. Congress is controlled by the opposite party. Exactly how much of this banter is due to Congress wanting to score political points? Yes, there are low-level government employees that are just zealots in their approach to their task. But how can the President control every function of the federal government? Many agree that the President gets angry when he is questioned; he appears to be a narcissist.

This was the situation in 1974, when President Nixon resigned. He had lost the moral authority to lead; he had lied to the American public. The baggage of Vietnam, China, communism, McGovern, EPA, burglars, and Watergate finally caught up with the President. The intentional lies, the cover-up, finally brought action by his own party. And so, Congress initiated impeachment proceedings against the first Quaker President.

Each President represents the first of something, if we look hard enough. But does the difference matter? Or does the ability to lead, the ability to govern? We are a nation that is comprised of every difference in the world – and that makes us unique and very special. We are founded on the principle of equality under the law and in the eyes of the Almighty. As such, the differences in race, life style, religion or anything else simply do not matter.

President Obama has lost his moral authority to govern and lead this nation, for he and his administration are not being truthful with the American people. He has forgotten that the people hold the power of government. He is systematically attacking every facet of the Constitution; from freedom of press and religion, to the right of self-protection and the sovereignty of the states.

In addition to sins as grievous as those committed by Nixon, he has failed to support our consulate in Benghazi, resulting in the deaths of four Americans. He has allowed weapons to be openly transported across the border where they have been used to murder Americans and Mexicans. He has failed to bring to trial a terrorist responsible for the deaths of 13 Americans on American soil. He has bypassed the will of Congress issuing hundreds of Executive Orders.

He has incited class and racial violence by ignoring the rule of law with respect to election laws, voter registration, immigration and the burden of paying taxes. He has used his sequester recommendation to produce the worst outcomes on our military and their dependents. He has ignored our cherished allies, Israel and Great Britain, while seeking the approval of Russia, Venezuela and Iran. He has promoted the demands of his union supporters while ignoring the right to work laws of the several States. He has steadfastly increased the tax burden of every American by issuing paper money designed to inflate our currency, reducing the purchasing power of every American.

From the Declaration of Independence: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations… evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

It is time to hold the President of the United States accountable for his actions.