Slavery Then and Now … By: Tom Weaver

By: Tom Weaver – Augut. 2013 What does it take to be a slave? We have the old definition – belonging to another person, but that has been outlawed in modern society. However, when we think of the old definition, where those people allowed liberty or the ability to pursue happiness? Were those people dependent […]

The Corruption of a President

By: Tom Weaver – June 2013 Yes, our President is fighting a war, a war run by bureaucrats with rules of engagement set by those not risking their lives to carry out a mission. Young folks are being killed and maimed by those we believe may be friends. But, we will continue the mission, even […]

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

By: Tom Weaver – April 2013 We are blessed that the US Senate has gangs – groups of like-minded individuals that unite across party lines in an effort to achieve compromise. We have had health care gangs, budget gangs and now immigration gangs. Apparently, the only way to compromise between those that want more government […]

What is the Tea Party Movement?

  By: Tom Weaver – November, 2010 What unites this group of Americans? They meet, share ideas and listen without the benefit of elected leaders or organization rules. What is the glue, the spirit and the common beliefs that create the Tea Party Movement? Perhaps those beliefs embraced by the Tea Party Movement are indeed […]