The Gay Agenda

Dani Langevin, Lesbian ColumnistBy: Dani Langevin – February, 2015

I keep hearing about The Gay Agenda. What exactly is that and why haven’t I received a hard copy? I’d like to keep udated on what is coming next in the “gay world”. Actually, I’d like to know what’s coming next in the world, but heteros seem to like labels. I digress, back to The Gay Agenda.

I found a website, that I will not name as not to give it any free advertising, that states that The Gay Agenda is the biggest threat to the right of free speech. The website has dedicated an impressive amount of time and people power to informing the world about The Gay Agenda. Which I feel gives The Gay Agenda some of its best advertising. So, thank you to this website for doing so. I will address a few laundry list items that this website claims are part of The Gay Agenda.

The first item on the website’s list is the legalization of homosexuality. So, I ask: why would homosexuality be illegal and why does it have to have a special law to make it legal? I know years ago it was deemed a mental/psychological disorder as well as illegal. Thankfully, as mankind evolves, we see the error of our ways and have removed homosexuality from these stigmas just as we have realized that being left-handed and having certain types of birthmarks are no longer the signs of the devil. I fail to understand why there has to be a special law that states homosexuality is legal. To me it’s an inalienable right. It’s part of my pursuit of happiness. The website claims that homosexuals demand society approve of our lifestyles. That to me is complete bullwaste. I don’t need anyone’s approval. There are many lifestyles that I don’t approve of, but I will stand by those people and defend their right to live them as long as they do not tread on anyone’s freedoms. Homosexuality does not tread on anyone’s freedoms and therefore should be legal regardless of anyone’s approval. Sorry, website, you’re wrong about this.

Another line item defining The Gay Agenda is promoting gay-pride parades. Really, that’s on there. I am not a fan of any kind of parade. They’re too long, too loud, block major roadways, and are not remotely entertaining. Although, I will admit, gay-pride parades are by far the most entertaining and have the best music. I’ve been to two. That’s enough. I will not seek out another not because I don’t think they should be put on, but because I just don’t like parades. If you don’t like gay-pride parades don’t go. If they run past your home, get out of town for a few hours or shut your windows and shades, and turn your music up loud. Let the gay floats roll. Pretty soon the supporters of this website are going to start popping balloons and stealing candy from children.

One very disturbing statement made on the website is that homosexual charity is an oxymoron because homosexual ideology is selfish and self-centered. In essence, homosexuals are incapable of sponsoring a charity or donating to one without them benefiting from it in some way, shape or form. What a disgustingly shallow and ignorant statement. I have donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of items to various charities in my adult life, as have many of my gay and straight friends. None of us that I know of put a note on the check identifying our sexual orientation or asking, “what are you going to do for me”. It almost makes me want to stop giving, but I won’t because my agenda is the betterment of mankind, not adding to its destruction. “Gay” charities are not trying to spread homosexuality they are dedicated to stopping the physical, mental, and psychological abuse of those of us who are members of its community. When gay youth are 8 times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight counterparts, and upwards of 50% of them are homeless, then someone has to help them and it certainly isn’t going to be straight charities supported by narrow minded heterosexuals like the ones who channel their efforts into spreading hate.

In keeping with this theme, according to this website, homosexuals are gunning to ban the counseling for kids confused by homosexual issues. On what is this based? The homosexual community has been advocating for years to allow young people confused by their sexual orientation access to counseling. Too many of our young are killing themselves because the narrow minded and tragically misguided efforts of people like those who created this website. Imagine if their energies were put toward helping our children who have been abandoned by their families or told that they are sick and will be going to hell instead of toward hate filled social media. This website, the people who built and promote it, and others like it are what is killing our youth. Homosexuals have placed decades of effort, millions of hours of manpower, and millions of dollars to trying to get help for our youth. Saying that we have done otherwise is delusional and grossly inaccurate.

The authors of this website express such blatant hatred and paranoia toward homosexuals that it borders on insanity. I’m willing to bet that they are Christian and yet, here they are being the antithesis of everything Jesus Christ advocated for. They are shameful and embarrassing.

So, website that shall not be named, go ahead and be anti-gay. I applaud it. I am under the firm belief that the more energy spent focusing on something the more fuel it is given. Keep writing about The Gay Agenda. Keep bringing more attention to the efforts of our gay community to be protected by law and have the same rights as everyone else because your efforts will help ours.

If that is The Gay Agenda then so be it.