The True Government in Massachusetts

Bharani-PadmanabhanBy: Bharani Padmanabhan – April, 2014

We know about the Washington bubble. Inside the bubble, party affiliations and personal views do not matter, the members protect each other from the world outside the bubble. This Commonwealth’s bubble is no different. When one member of the bubble is stung by a real push for accountability, it is felt by all and support arrives, like David Linsky rushed to protect Polanowicz, from Jim Lyons’ + Marc Lombardo’s push for accountability, till after Justina Pelletier is dead.

For Harvard + it’s captured Commonwealth, the sting is a successful fight back by anguished parents Linda + Lou Pelletier, who protested the corrupt nexus between the fascist nut-cases controlling Harvard’s psych-unit, EOHHS and the despicable Judge Johnston who together, jealous of a family that lovingly cares for their 93 y.o. grandma at home, have harmed young Justina for 14 months.

The parents protested after their child was stolen in a Friday-evening Blitzkrieg by Harvard’s captured DCF. The actions of Dr Alice Newton – Harvard’s own Eileen Treacy – were terrifyingly fascist and un-American. The Pelletiers called it as such, which is Protected Speech except in Massachusetts.

Despite unconstitutional deference to a Harvard Hospital the despicable Judge was forced to rescind his gag order. The parents then shared their anguish with America’s families. This enraged the despicable Judge who retaliated against them for the effrontery of publicly protesting blatant violations of their human rights. The un-American despicable Judge stole their child and gifted her to the Government. The ACLU trembled silently in a corner.

This being Massachusetts we have heard this before. Judge MacLeod-Mancuso condemned the Progressive City of Cambridge in a stinging decision (Monteiro) for it’s “deliberate, systematic campaign to punish the plaintiff as a reprisal for her effrontery in lodging a discrimination claim.”

People within the bubble corruptly use massive Governmental power to crush you, steal your child then blame you publicly for the effrontery of complaining.

Barry Pollack wrote to DPH Commissioner Bartlett about Children’s and the “odd relationship they have established with DCF.” Odd = Corrupt. Bartlett proved corruption when she gave 3 Marijuana licenses to Bill Delahunt whom the bubble saved in the Amy Bishop case (4 murders, 0 MA prosecution).

There is a legal case involving another Delahunt, Robert, who allowed his client to lose her Dentistry license before even a trial over the trivial facts. Losing one’s license must be only for something terribly serious, not for something trivial and not without a robust defense. The client, Dr Helaine Smith, swears she was coerced into giving up her license because Delahunt said the all-powerful Government must be obeyed even when the action is clearly corrupt. Shut up or else!

Martha Coakley personally coerced Cheryl Amirault in the fraudulent Amirault case. For Coakley that was more important than prosecuting for Statutory Rape that very guilty member of the bubble, Jared Remy, for raping 15-year old Tiffany Guyette. There is ZERO legal justification for Coakley. As Middlesex DA, Coakley had enormous power and 20 chances to send Remy to prison as a Rapist. It proves Coakley is LYING when she claims she cares about violence against women.

If Coakley had cared to show up in person and argue forcefully for prison time even once, no Judge would have shown the usual deference to the bubble!

Unlike Coakley, Linsky and their soulmate, the despicable Judge Johnston, Alan Dershowitz loves the US Constitution and declared that this despicable Judge’s rulings on Justina were 100% unconstitutional, 100% un-American.

DCF has offered to pay the Children’s Hospital bill – $660,000!! – as MassHealth refused to pay for a BOGUS 11-mo. inpatient kidnapping. Who will get a kickback from Children’s for gutting the Treasury? Polanowicz? Linsky? The Legislature is OBLIGATED to ensure Children’s does not get even one public dime. Dr Alice Newton should pay the bill. You break it you buy it.

Governmental power here is exclusively for the bubble. When Justina’s father called Boston Police to save his 14 y.o. child from Harvard’s un-American psychiatrists, the Police said ‘Gee, if Harvard says the child will be better off without her parents surely it must be correct!’

Exactly like Milwaukee Police returning that other 14 y.o. child to Jeffrey Dahmer who then ate him that night, an event seared into our collective memory like Kitty Genovese. Boston’s Homicide solve rate is stuck at 35% unlike NYC, Philadelphia and Houston Police who all solve 70% of their Homicides every year. The inescapable conclusion is that this 35% difference involves Homicides by the bubble, whom the Police are not allowed to touch.

Deference to criminals within the bubble, be it Bishop, Remy or a Harvard Hospital, defines the Government of Massachusetts.

Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD is a neurologist who specialises in multiple sclerosis in the Boston area.