The Two Old Men and the Sea, Lifelong Barbers, Friends Reunited after 50 Years

ERKIEIt’s a weekend afternoon, and a young father and mother walk through the doors of the newly opened “Frank’s Barber Shop” on 150 Main Street in North Andover. Two boys are in tow; knees dirty, shin pads in place, snug, along with jerseys which are draping loosely on the shoulders of both. On their way home from a soccer game, no doubt.

There are two chairs open and the barbers, Frank Serrano and Mr. Sid (Eric Sideri), give the unfamiliar faces a warm welcome. Their lighthearted and affable demeanor immediately puts a smile on the otherwise apprehensive faces of the two young boys.

This brand new barbershop is run by two Merrimack Valley natives and lifelong friends: Frank Serrano and Eric Sideri.

Fifty years ago, Frank Serrano met Eric Sideri (Mr. Sid) at the Salisbury Beach Barber Shop. Both were in their early twenties at that time, and both eager to begin successful careers. Among the many stories you may overhear at Frank’s Barber Shop, as he and Mr. Sid recall “Good Ole’ Days” are some from their time spent at the Salisbury shop.

For those of you who remember, Salisbury Beach was the place to go for your summer entertainment. The shining star of Salisbury Center was “The Frolics”, a Vegas style nightclub that weekly featured the biggest names in entertainment at that time. The Frolics were marked on every local’s calendar. People came from all over the area for sea-side fun and big-name musical entertainment.

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