Trump Exposed the Spineless Hypocrisy of So Many ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (11-16)

Donald Trump not only won the presidential election, he got a higher number of Latino votes on Election Day than Mitt Romney did four years ago.

He also did better with women than Romney, and won states that no republican has won in more than 30 years.

The fact is, the media propaganda was wrong. The establishment of the Republican Party was wrong. The elites in New York, Hollywood, and Washington DC were wrong.


CNN and the rest of the phonies who call themselves reporters were more interested in campaigning for Hillary Clinton and inventing controversies against Donald Trump, than just doing their jobs and objectively reporting the news.

Because of the media’s constant cheap shots at Trump, and Hollywood’s over the top mocking of Trump’s ideas and supporters, they created a huge back lash with voters who are tired of being told what to think, and even more tired of the news industry’s lies.

The more CNN and the liberal industrial complex promoted the lie that Trump hates women, and Latinos, and black people, the more voters tuned them out and searched for real news about the election on social media.

Unlike Mitt Romney four years ago, Donald Trump fought back against the news media propaganda and “reporters” who betrayed their profession and their obligation to be objective long ago.


While the 24-7 misrepresentations about Trump had no effect on the voters, it will have lasting effects on our standing in the rest of the world now that Trump has been elected.

These blind, partisan, media -types never give a single thought about how damaging it is for the world to think we now have an incoming president that they themselves told the world was a madman who hates Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims, and cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes.

These media lies have also (purposely) resulted in emotionally manipulated young people taking to the streets to protest the “racist” Donald Trump, because they have been told he is the anti-Christ by Democrats, CNN, and the corrupt media for the last 12 months.

They march in the streets burning American flags and protest the free and fair election of Donald Trump, chanting “Black Lives Matter” with signs depicting Trump as Adolf Hitler and calling him a fascist.

This is the same, tired, crying of wolf that liberals used against Ronald Reagan in the 80s. In fact, accusations of racism were used against Romney four years ago, and John McCain eight years ago. They are the same bogus claims used against any conservative that runs for high office.

But the American people are on to CNN, the Democrats, and the anti-American, socialist movement.

Yes, Donald Trump has said things that people who hold a left-wing extremist point of view would consider “racist” but, Trump’s actions over decades in business show he is anything but a hate monger. He was one of the first to integrate his businesses with women and blacks at the highest management positions, and even angered country club liberals when he was the first to allow Jews to play golf at his golf courses.

This year the voters decided that facts matter.

They not only ignored the news media’s anti-Trump hysteria, they repudiated it.

It is also worth noting that, while Republicans like Mitt Romney spent their political career trying to perfectly position themselves to achieve power, they ran like little girls every time the media or the Democrats tried to paint them as some type of hater (racist, sexist, homophobe).

Donald Trump didn’t cower when the corrupt news media painted him as a hater.

Unlike Romney and the rest of the spineless Republican leadership, he stood up for himself and his supporters, and told the media to go to hell. He doubled down on his comments, talked about the issues that the American people cared about, like the opioid crisis, immigration, and jobs.

While Donald Trump has many people to thank for his historic and unprecedented win on Election Day, the people he should thank the most are the liars in our news media who were so shameless in their gutter reporting that they created enough sympathy to put Donald Trump in the White House.

In conclusion, Donald Trump exposed the media, the Democrats, the establishment Republicans, and the Washington DC elites for the phonies that they are.

Who’d have thought?