VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (9-14) – Who Were the Real Racists in Ferguson?

September, 2104

In Ferguson, MO a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown six times, killing him after a confrontation that resulted from Brown’s strong arm robbery of a cigar store.

With no other evidence available, many among the black population of Ferguson took to the streets to loot, riot and commit mayhem, demanding that the “racist” police officer be jailed for “committing murder”.

We now dare to ask the question nobody else in the country has the courage to ask: who were really the racists here?

We argue it was the media and the black protesters and rioters in Ferguson.

The word “racism” has a definition. Anyone who judges another based on the color of their skin is a racist. And that is exactly what the media, and black protesters did in Ferguson. They judged a white police officer as “guilty” because he is white and demanded he be jailed for life based solely on the color of his skin.

We believe that it has become impossible in today’s culture of cop-bashing and race baiting against whites to call things what they truly are when the bad guys turn out to be black.

The evidence is clear for anyone who wants to see it. Sadly most refuse to look.

The media continually referred to Brown as a “teen” even though the Associated Press Style Book (the manual for journalists) clearly states anyone over 17 is to be classified a “man”. They lionized Brown as some kind of civil rights hero when in reality he was a bully, a thug and a thief.

As of the minute we went to print, there is still not one shred of evidence that the cop who shot Michael Brown was a “racist”. And with the news media 100% determined to vilify a white police officer for their own political agenda, you would think by now they’d have unearthed a former girlfriend, a Facebook posting, or a former colleague who claims the officer hated blacks. Six weeks later there still isn’t any of that.

There are only two issues here to be determined: Was the officer justified in the shooting death of Michael Brown; and, was the shooting the result of some kind of racism on the officer’s part?

We suggest that this is why we have a court system, trials, grand juries and a concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, none of which the news media bothered to address while the week-long rioting and protesting took place in Ferguson.

Instead we heard irrelevant, anecdotes and propaganda against the officer including the number of times Brown was shot, that he was a “teen”, and he was “unarmed”.

Yet any police officer will tell you that someone being “unarmed” does not mean the person poses no threat to the life of an officer. People are killed by “unarmed” suspects every day in America.

Police use-of-force policies also inform us that the presence of six shots is not, in and of itself, evidence of a bad shoot.

We are not taking sides in the shooting death of Michael Brown, to do so would make us no better than the racists who sided with Brown because he is black.

We do not know if Michael Brown was the victim of a bad shoot or even the victim of a racist cop. We are waiting for the evidence – something the media and the “protesters” don’t seem to care about.

The “news” media did a terrible disservice to our system of justice by cheering on one side while vilifying the other based on the race of those involved.

They did so for ratings and to stoke the flames of racial divide in this country.

We find that kind of propaganda reprehensible.