VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL: An Open Letter to Jew Haters Masquerading as “Peace Activists”


Anti-Semitic, hate group Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA) can hide behind the name “PEACE” (see letter) but those of us who pay attention are not fooled.

Their goal is to masquerade as a civil and human rights organization (as many pro-terror groups do) in an effort to oppose any peace in Israel, as well as side with the Hamas propaganda about land disputes, settlements, and calling the wall protecting Jewish citizens an “apartheid wall.”

Clearly their aim is to flip the WWII equasion and paint the Jews of today as the new Nazis. They oppose funding for Israel. They oppose the U.S. arming Israel with defensive weapons, and they have never once opposed the efforts and actions of the Muslim terrorists in the so called “Palestinian Territories.”

In fact, they make excuses for them.

They even opposed Massachusetts senators going to Israel to see the terror threat for themselves, fearing that their fantasy-land propaganda against Israel and the Jews would be discredited by the reality senators would see on the ground.

First, they tried to bully senators not to go.

When that didn’t work, they drummed up a fake charge against them, claiming they were engaged in “conflicts of interest” because the senate took a symbolic vote (supporting Israel) shortly thereafter.

There is no end to the depth of deception and trickery these so called “peace activists” will go to in order to demonize Israel and the Jews. Even going so far as to claim that being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Semitic. And while that might be true in some small, isolated cases, it’s certainly not the case here.

MAPA is a vile, deceptive organization that supports the efforts of terrorists with their flowery language of human rights and the “peace movement”. It is nothing more than modern day, real life, Nazi propaganda.

We saw this years ago when “Wheels of Justice” came to North Andover and Andover claiming to be “peace activists”, oOnly to spout pro-terror, anti-semitic propaganda filled with denials of the holocaust and other racist claims.

Now, the head of MAPA, Cole Harrison, is upset that The Valley Patriot didn’t use their language of deception while describing them in a story last month.

Yes, Mr. Harrison, I understand fully why the head of a Jew hating, anti semitic, pro-terror organization might take exception when someone like me publicly blows your cover and calls you out for what you are.

I also understand why you might think a letter to the editor using the same, tired, jew hating, pro-terrorist talking points about “peace” might be the right way to seduce even ONE of my readers.

But, you came to the wrong place.

Nobody is fooled.

Tom Duggan Publisher,
The Valley Patriot

4 Responses to "VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL: An Open Letter to Jew Haters Masquerading as “Peace Activists”"

  1. Marty Lamb   July 14, 2016 at 8:46 AM

    thank you Tom for exposing the haters

  2. Nonya Buzines   July 14, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    now everyone knows who pays your bills!

  3. Nomore Joos   July 16, 2016 at 5:13 AM

    What a mistake to have come to this site. This site is another site fixed up to look like a real American First website. But after reading this editorial, it is clear this is another lying piece of shit joo mis-information propaganda website.
    Go to hell all you zionist fake joos!

  4. rizolitv   July 17, 2016 at 10:32 AM

    Tom, I don’t know who this group is you mention but guess what? This is America and Americans can have an opinion that disagrees with your pro Israel, zionist outlook on life. Some of us honest non brain dead people realize the evil despicable country you call Israel is nothing more than a murdering land stealing piece of human hypocrisy. I would have no remorse if it was bombed off the face of the earth after seeing the fact that its sins clearly ascend to the heavens after seeing how welcoming Israel is to sodomites in the city of Tel-aviv. Most politically correct thinking people have the same opinions as me but because people like you are gatekeepers to the media for our opinions it’s hard to get a hearing. I recently was banned from commenting in my local newspaper The Metrowest Daily News online for having these opinions you just mentioned.

    So Tom, you and you Israel can go to hell.