Wheels of Justice or Wheels of Hate?


May, 2004


 “Wheels of Justice” is an organization made up of individuals who disguise themselves as an advocates of “peace” and love for all.

They were recruited to speak to two sophomore classes at North Andover High School by history teacher Barry Humphreys, who didn’t clear it with Superintendent Harry Harutunian and did not invite speakers with opposing views.

 But who can oppose peace and love? A quick trip to their website www.justicewheels.org reveals that “Wheels of Justice” is an advocacy group which seeks to “educate” people on the evils of the United States and Israel. They portray America and the Jews as the root cause of the violence and turmoil in the Middle East.

Furthermore, “Wheels of Justice” claims that Israel committed ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, the Jews are “illegally” occupying and oppressing Palestinians, and that America is responsible for much of this because of our support for Israel. Their website also equates the Jewish “occupation” with the Nazi death camps in WWII.

“Wheels of Justice” sought to bring maps of the “occupied” Palestinian land to North Andover High to show just how victimized the Palestinians are at the hands of the evil Jews. But, nowhere on their website or in their speeches do they condemn homicide bombings, Palestinian support for terrorist groups such as Hammas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbolah, or Al Queda’s attack on the U.S. on 911. They certainly do not “educate” people that Israel has offered land for peace consistently despite being attacked by Egypt, Jordon, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinians since the day after gaining statehood in 1948.

“Wheels of Justice” seeks to misinform people by blaming terrorism on U.S. policy instead of blaming the terrorists for acts of terrorism. While The Valley Patriot defends the right of “Wheels of Justice” to speak their views, we feel compelled to oppose their hatred for Israel and the United States given the fact that, even today, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is proposing “land for peace”, while Palestinians take to the streets vowing to exterminate the Jews. We find it unconscionable for the local media to call these hate mongers “peace” advocates.

 Their message is nothing short of hatred and propaganda for America’s enemies.