Chris AllenOver the years, embattled School Committee Chairman Chris Allen has worked very hard to help the public school children of North Andover get a better education.

But, Allen’s behavior of late has overshadowed much of the good her efforts might have accomplished.

First, Allen was engaged in using school department resources (and employees) to orchestrate and promote the imposition of a meals tax for town restaurants. (Story here)

Then, she conspired with Superintendent Hottel to charge The Valley Patriot $7,099 to fill a Freedom of Information request for a copy of her school department emails (sent and received) prior to the recent Special Town Meeting. (Story Here)

E-mails obtained (separately) by the Valley Patriot clearly show Allen using the school department computer server to campaign, to insult town residents, to call the tea party “the party of dicks” and to call town activist Ted Tripp and meals tax opponents “small minded”.

When Chris Allen was recently confronted by Mr. Tripp at a public meeting, she refused to apologize for her behavior. At a later meeting she did apologize, but quickly retracted that apology by saying everything she had written in her letter was “true”. 

Equally or even more disturbing however is that Allen recently hired former North Andover High School wrestling coach David Castricone to fix the roof on her home on Belmont Street. Castricone is out on bail while he awaits trial on child porn charges… not to mention that he was video-taped coming and going from the girls’ locker room at North Andover High. (Story Here)

Students are left to ask themselves: ”Does Chris Allen stand with us, or with her friend who was trolling the girls’ locker room?”

Allen’s behavior of late is bizarre to say the least, and is nothing short of unbecoming of the prestigious position she holds as the elected leader of the North Andover Public Schools.

We expect more … much more.

Chris Allen has an obligation to the voters to refrain from propaganda, lies, vulgar language, personal attacks, abusing her authority in the schools to promote her cause, supporting a coach who may have victimized students, and using taxpayer resources for political activity.

Mrs. Allen not only owes Mr. Tripp a sincere public apology but she also owes the Merrimack Valley Tea Party, school employees and the taxpayers of North Andover a public apology.

It is time for Chris Allen’s to step down as chairman of the North Andover School Committee.