Valley Patriot Editorial: Why Does Ed Markey Hate Women?

We don’t know.

Truth be told, we were stunned by the latest spate of TV commercials Markey and his advocates are running, which are highly insulting to women. Especially given that the media and the Democrat party have preached for three decades that Republicans represent “rich, old, white, men,” while Democrats represent young, energetic minorities who are the future.

Markey has been in Congress since the Gerald Ford administration, with a very troubling record when it comes to women’s issues. Even more troubling is Markey’s deceit when it comes to telling female voters the truth.

Now, Congressman Ed Markey is running for the U.S. Senate with female Democrats like Niki Tsongas and Elizabeth Warren by his side to mask his hostility and contempt for the fairer sex.

Shame on both Tsongas and Warren for letting him and the Democrat party use women that way.

These Democrat women have betrayed Massachusetts women and Latinos by publicly standing with Markey as party bosses have told them to. Furthermore, they expect women to vote for Markey as they are told to. We find that repulsive.

On the other hand, Republicans nominated as Markey’s opponent, a young, vibrant, Latino, Navy Seal named Gabriel Gomez. If elected, the young Gomez will be the first Latino United States Senator.

Isn’t it “time for a Latino” in the U.S. Senate?

How can Markey possibly relate to the poor Latinos in Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill? How can he possibly understand their struggle in our inner cities and represent them, when he lives in an all-white neighborhood, in a multi- million dollar home in Virginia?

While we are not thrilled by the nomination of a liberal Republican like Gomez, at least we know for sure that Gabriel Gomez does not hate women. At least we know that Gomez isn’t misleading female voters and minorities to protect the “rich, white power structure” in D.C. like Markey is.

At least we know that Gomez isn’t going to vote against issues important to Massachusetts women the way Congressman Ed Markey has done for decades in the United States Congress.

We hesitate to officially endorse either Markey or Gomez, as it is the policy of The Valley Patriot to not endorse candidates for office (a policy we have only suspended twice in nine years).

Nonetheless, we do believe it’s important for our readers (especially our female readers) to distinguish fact from the media fantasy narrative created by Ed Markey and his Democratic party. A party which has now betrayed every single thing they once stood for: women, minorities, and the poor.

We don’t know why Ed Markey hates women. We don’t understand why he has consistently voted against women’s interests in Congress. We are baffled that women like Niki Tsongas and Elizabeth Warren betray women (and Latinos) to support another rich, old, white guy, when they and their party have spent the last three decades telling us that they are the party that cares about women and minorities. Yet here we are.

The Democrats and their candidate are now the ones who hate women, attack Latinos and minorities, and represent the elite, white power structure in Washington D.C, all the while trying to stop the election of a young, energetic, liberal, Latino, Gabriel Gomez.

My, how times have changed.

The question now is, are women in Massachusetts smart enough to notice. We will see on Election Day, June 25th.