Valley Patriot Writers Robin Desmet and Forest Rain Win Editor’s Choice Awards

desmetEach year The Valley Patriot honors two Valley Patriot writers for outstanding writing or taking the high road in public discourse while also taking very bold stands on some of the most important issues that shape our culture and our community.

Columnists, reporters, and even letter writers are eligible for this award. It is given out at our annual BASH the third Friday of March.

This year our first winner of the Valley Patriot/Editor’s Choice Award was The Valley Patriot’s Israeli Correspondent Forest Rain. Forest contributes original stories and columns from her hometown in Israel and has made a great contribution to educating our readers about the Middle East and terrorism.

Our second Editor’s Choice Award winner this year is The Valley Patriot Kitty Columnist Robin Desmet. Desmet was presented the award by Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante who said he was “really happy to make the announcement because Robin Desmet’s business, Packard Pharmacy, is in my district.”